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David Tennant Review Of 2014: DECEMBER

It’s the last of our month-by-month looks back at 2014: read on to see what David Tennant news stories we were covering in the month of December.

The first trailer for the new series of Broadchurch was unveiled and the premiere date on ITV was confirmed as 5th January. The first promotional photos also appeared followed by portraits of key cast members. David, Olivia Colman and Chris Chibnall discussed the massive security operation surrounding the new series. The cast talked about filming in West Bay. Chris Chibnall told the Mail On Sunday that even David and Olivia were still in the dark about the new series. Many of the main cast, including David, were interviewed for the ITV press pack. David was interviewed for The Observer magazine. David appeared in a number of TV listings magazines: Radio TimesTotal TV Guide & TV ChoiceTV ChoiceTV TimesTV & Satellite Week and What’s On TV
The listings also revealed some new cast details. The Little, Brown Book Group an…

ON RADIO: Wessex FM Present Breakfast In Broadchurch

To celebrate the return of Broadchurch on next Monday, Wessex FM, the local radio station for West Bay will be running an extra special on-air Breakfast In Broadchurch event.

Breakfast Show host James O'Neill will be presenting his show live from The West Bay Hotel between 6am and 10am on Monday 5th January, just a few hours before the second series of the award winning drama begins on ITV. During the course of his show you'll be able to hear from members of the cast and crew, including a chat with the series creator himself, Chris Chibnall, plus more special guests through the morning. 

There's also the chance to win signed copies of the series 1 DVD.

Will James be able to persuade Chris to give up any of those closely guarded secrets surrounding the new series? To find out you'll have to listen in to the Wessex FM Breakfast Show live from The West Bay Hotel on Monday, either on the radio at 96 and 97.2 FM or online here.

The second series of Broadchurch starring David Te…

Rock Icon Patti Smith Dedicates Song To David Tennant

American rock icon Patti Smith made a surprise confession at her gig at New York's Webster Hall on Monday night: she admitted that her secret love was her only Doctor, David Tennant!

Patti, who was celebrating her 68th birthday dedicated the song Distant Fingers to David, telling the audience, "I know I'm an older woman but I know so many things."

"Waiting for you, David Tennant," she added, "Because no-one plays Doctor Who like you. I would gladly face all those robots with your screwdriver."

The concert also featured a rare stage appearance by former REM frontman Michael Stipe who opened the show with a six-song set. 

Via @josekicksass, @thebigm and Dan. 

VIDEO: ITV Countdown To Broadchurch Begins

ITV have begun to countdown the final days until the launch of the new series of Broadchurch.

The very brief teaser trailer marks five days left until David Tennant and Olivia Colman return in the second series of the award winning drama, airing on Monday 5th January on ITV.

Keep up with all the latest Broadchurch news on our website.

David Tennant & Broadchurch In UK Listings Magazines

Broadchurch has featured prominently in this week's new editions of TV listings magazines in the UK. David Tennant gave interviews for the second series while on location in Bridport in Dorset earlier in the year. With the cast sworn to secrecy there was very little that David could say - check out the scans below to see what he could reveal (click through for the full size versions).

Broadchurch returns on Monday 5th January on ITV in the UK at 9pm GMT.

TV & Satellite Week

What's On TV

BROADCHURCH: David Tennant In TV Times Magazine

David Tennant talks about the second series of Broadchurch for the new edition of TV Times Magazine, out today. He was interviewed while on location in Bridport, Dorset earlier this year.

Read the scans below - click through for larger versions.

Broadchurch starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Eve Myles and Jodie Whittaker returns to ITV from Monday 5th January at 9pm GMT.

David Tennant Review Of 2014: NOVEMBER

In our look back at the David Tennant news from November, Gracepoint continued in the USA, while the UK got set for the new series of Broadchurch.
NovemberBroadchurch The first teaser trailers for Broadchurch series 2 aired, introducing the tagline ‘The End Is Where Is Begins’. ITV confirmed that the new series would return in January. TV ONE in New Zealand announced that they would air Broadchurch early in 2015.

Fox released behind-the-scenes photos for Episode 5 and Episode 7 David featured in new video clips: I Don’t Want To Inconvenience YouStrictly As A PrecautionBudapestI Will. I AmBreatheThat Isn’t Meaningless
New preview photos gave a look ahead to the final two episodes. David was interviewed for Australia’s TV Week.  The new twists in Episode 7 led to a big ratings jump for the series, but the extra viewers failed to stay on board for the next episode; however, there were still large gains through catch up viewings. Gracepoint took a week-long break over US Thanksgiving. Sk…

INTERVIEW: David Tennant On Broadchurch Series 2 "I Was Absolutely Hooked Again"

David Tennant has given a new interview to TV Choice magazine about the second series of Broadchurch which begins on ITV next Monday. David spoke during filming earlier this year in the West Country. 

With the plot of the new eight-part drama shrouded in secrecy, David couldn't give much away; however he shared what he could and also spoke a little about working on the US remake Gracepoint and his plans for 2015.

How tough has it been filming and promoting series two of Broadchurch without letting anything slip?
We had the advantage in series one where nobody really cared because no one knew what was coming. This time there’s expectation which is difficult to manage. But if that means we’re a victim of success then that’s a good thing.
What can you tell us?
It's a very different type of story, it would have felt wrong for series two to be another body on another beach. Writer Chris Chibnall has created a story which is structurally very different but is still absolutely in that w…

David Tennant Review Of 2014: OCTOBER

Moving into the last quarter of the year, October saw David focusing on his US project Gracepoint as work on Broadchurch wound up.

Gracepoint premiered on FOX TV in the USA, on Global in Canada and on the Universal Channel in Australia. David talked to Access Hollywood and to HappyCool at the LACMA screening of Gracepoint about why he had wanted to be part of the series. While in the USA David and Anna Gunn appeared on a number of FOX News channels to promote the new series; clips are here, here, here and here. More photos of David at the screening were made available and Film Independent posted a highlights video  from the Q&A David talked about Gracepoint on Entertainment Weekly Radio FOX released video clips from the series: It Doesn’t Add UpDon’t Call Me MillerI Saw Him With SomeoneYou Have To Learn Not To TrustI Need Those KeysDavid Tennant – Episode 1 Talking PointLet Me Get To Point 3On The DocksEpisode 4 Talking Point: Carver’s IllnessInsomniaYou Only Deal In …

AUSTRALIA: The Minor Character To Premiere On BBC First

Premium Australian channel BBC First will be airing the Sky Arts drama series Playhouse Presents from next Monday. The stunning collection of thought-provoking, touching and often funny original plays, showcases a wealth of acting, directing and writing talent in a star-studded collection of contemporary short dramas.
First up is The Minor Character a short drama starring David Tennant adapted by Will Self from his own short story of the same title. David stars as Will, an artist who observes life in minute detail. His dry commentary ranges from witty engagement to a casual erosive critique of his social set: the urban-suburban, middle-class landscape of his middle-aged friends. Over a series of dinners, drinks and parties, we witness the shifting sands of friendship, marriage, love and lust, and the complexity and corruptness of London circles through Will's eyes. The Minor Character also stars Lucy Cohu, Mark Bonnar and Richard McCabe.  Originally airing on Sky Arts in the UK in A…

David Tennant Weekly News Update: Monday 22nd - Sunday 28th December


UK & USA Pre Order: Doctor Who The History Collection Books

Early 2015 sees the re-release of eight classic Doctor Who novels under the title of The History Collection in the UK and the USA.
The collection will include a reissue of the Tenth Doctor adventure The Stone Rose written by Jacqueline Rayner and originally published in 2006.
The new novel will feature new art work as seen above.
The books will be released in the UK on 12th February and in the USA on 3rd March.

About the book:
Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum - a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realises that this means the TARDIS will shortly take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future - a girl whose predictions are surprisingly accurate. But then the Doctor stumbles on the hideous truth behind the statue of Rose - and Rose herself learns that you have to be very careful what you wish for... Read by the…

Humble Bundle Offer: Name Your Own Price For Big Finish Audio Recordings Starring David Tennant

Humble Bundle are offering Doctor Who fans a fantastic limited time opportunity to get their hands on some fantastic Big Finish audiobook downloads at a price of their own choosing. With titles starring David Tennant, Colin Baker, Nicholas Briggs and Gareth Thomas, the whole bundle is worth $399, but all you need to pay is what you think they are worth - the more you pay, the more of the bundle you unlock. 

Humble Audiobook Bundle: Doctor Who presented by Big Finish Everyone's favourite time-traveling doctor now has a bundle bearing his name featuring hours worth of audiobook adventures.
How it works First of all, name your price for Dalek Empire Series 1 and 2 featuring the voices of Gareth Thomas and Nicholas Briggs. The epic dramas tell of mankind’s struggle against the might of the Daleks, spanning galaxies and centuries.
If you pay more than the average price (see the order page for details), you also get Dalek Empire Series 3, featuring a pre-Doctor Who David Tennant in the role…

David Tennant Review Of 2014: SEPTEMBER

Today’s look back at the David Tennant news of 2014 is a review of the month of September.
What We Did On Our Holiday

What We Did On Our Holidaypremiered in London on September 22nd ahead of its general release on the 26th. The premiere was attended by David with most of the film’s main stars, including the three children, Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge and Harriet Bullmore. More premiere photos here, here and here. A number of video interview clips from the red carpet were released: David Talks To London Live On The Red Carpet David on making the film: "Improvisation Can Be Terrifying" David Tennant And Rosamund Pike Talk To Hello! Magazine David Tennant On His Young Co-Stars In What We Did On Our Holiday
Metro hosted a new trailer clip and Lionsgate released new TV trailers and a preview clip. A further clip appeared via the Huffington Post. David talked to RTÉabout making the film. He was interviewed on set by young reporter Anna of Into Films.

FOX TV released a…


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