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The Emmy Awards

David attended the the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A you can see some pics above.

Single Father In The TV Mags

Previews for Single Father are featured in a few of the TV magazine's Autumn Schedule articles. David even gets the cover of TV&Satellite Week!


David's first acting role in Dramarama is now available to watch online thanks to STV's new YouTube service here . Unfortunately it's only available for UK residents to watch, but fans from overseas can see it at BlogtorWho here .

The 10 Best Hamlets

David wass included in an article from Sunday's edition of The Guardian, entitled The 10 Best Hamlets. You can read his entry below: Sardonic and volatile, David Tennant's Hamlet was so graceful that at times he seemed almost to dance across the stage. The idea of seeing Dr Who in the flesh brought schoolchildren thronging into Gregory Doran's modern-dress production for the RSC two years ago. What they saw was a japester who pushed himself squealing along on a caster chair, a young man sunk in a melancholy dream and a prince of parody, a compulsive mimic who kept becoming someone other than himself. This was a Hamlet who continually played with the idea that wit can look like witlessness. And vice versa. The full article can be seen on The Guardian's website here .

Just When Stories

PRESS RELEASE: August 2010 TOP ACTOR DAVID TENNANT, best known as Dr Who, has teamed up with Hong Kong-based author Nury Vittachi on a new audio tale. The UK-based TV actor has recorded The Legend of Earthseasky, a new story by the popular Asian author. The pairing is the lead story in a new book and audio-book story collection called the Just When Stories. Other top authors involved include William Boyd, Michael Morpurgo and Hanif Kureishi. Actors on the audiobook version include Romola Garai, star of Atonement, and Martin Jarvis, who was in Titanic. The Just When Stories is a collection of original stories inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories. That legendary book, which contains classic tales such as “How the Leopard Got His Spots”, was published in 1902. In a bid to raise funds for endangered animals 100 years later, UK-based animal lover Tamara Gray was inspired to commission top authors from around the world to create a new book asking the question JUST WHEN will endang

The History Of Dundee Rep Theatre

A new book about the history of the Dundee Rep has been released and it features memories of David's time at the Rep. The book, written by Linda Caston, charts the development of the theatre from 1939 to the present day, it has been released to mark the Rep's 70th birthday. Ms Caston tells The Courier: "I've had a lifelong interest in live theatre and have been attending Dundee Rep for over 35 years," she said. "I was aware that a comprehensive history had not previously been written, and thought it would make an interesting topic, combining my interests in local history and theatre." The book charts the theatre's rise from humble beginnings to become the current centre of Dundee's cultural life. Copies are on sale priced £6 at the theatre's box office and at Waterstones, Commercial Street, Dundee. Source: The Courier .

SFX #200

David contributes to the 200 Secrets Of Science Fiction article in the latest issue of SFX: Spock might be hogging all the glory on our cover but if you ask us there’s an even brighter gem sparkling inside. Or 200 tiny gems if you will because for the past year the SFX hive mind has been taking every opportunity to gather together 200 24-carat nugget secrets from the furthest reaches of the galaxy. James Cameron, Russell T Davies, Stan Lee, Mark Millar, Neil Gaiman, Wes Craven, Edgar Wright, David Tennant and Terry Pratchett all contribute. Our favourite though – Joss Whedon’s five part guide to the secret of great dialogue. Genius. Further info at http;//

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer Clip

A clip from David's american pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, has been released. You can watch it above.

David Returns To Masterpiece

Masterpiece have announced that David Tennant will be returning as host of Masterpiece Contemporary AND they will be reviewing his new drama Single Father for inclusion in a future schedule (not 2010 unfortunately).

Doctor Who Annual Details

IDW's new Doctor Who Annual 2010 will feature four new short stories featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David in the series. It also features David's Doctor on the cover. Click here to read a review of the annual.

Specials Tracklisting

Silva Screen has released the track listing for the new Doctor Who soundtrack CD: Disc One 1. Vale The Next Doctor 2. A Victorian Christmas 3. Not the Doctor 4. A Bit of a Drag 5. In the Sea of Memory 6. Hidden in the Closet 7. The Wonder of Balloons 8. A Forceful Intelligence 9. The Greats of Past Time 10. The March of the Cybermen 11. Goodbyes Planet of the Dead 12. A Disturbance in the Night 13. The Cat Burglar 14. Alone in the Desert 15. A Special Sort of Bus 16. Stirring in the Sands 17. Lithuania The Waters of Mars 18. Letter to Earth 19. By Water Borne ... 20. The Fate of Little Adelaide 21. Altering Lives Disc Two The End of Time 1. We Shall Fare Well 2. A Frosty Ood 3. A Dream of Catastrophe 4. All in the Balance 5. A Ruined Gaol 6. Wilf’s Wiggle 7. Minnie Hooper 8. The End Draws Near 9. Gallifrey 10. Final Days 11. The Council of the Time Lords 12. The Master Suite 13. The Ruined Childhood 14. A Chaotic Escape 15. The World Waits 16. A Longing to Leave 17. A

SFX Awards

SFX are celebrating their 200th issue with a poll to find out who their reader's favourite SF and Fantasy characters are and the Doctor has been nominated in the Favourite Hero Of All Time Category. Click here to find out more details and to vote.

Single Father BAFTA Screening

A BAFTA screening for Single Father has been scheduled for 13th September 2010 at 18:30pm at the Princess Anne Theatre. It will be followed by a Q&A panel. Click here for full details. Note: Tickets are now sold out.

Strangers And Brothers

Back in 2003 David took part in a couple of episodes of the radio dramatisation of C.P Snow's Strangers And Brothers series. The episodes were The Affair and The Corridors Of Power and David played the part of Donald Howard. Thanks to Lora Colver we now have MP3 files of both of David's episodes available for you to download: Strangers And Brothers: The Affair In the eighth in the Strangers and Brothers series Donald Howard, a young science Fellow is charged with scientific fraud and dismissed from his college.This novel, which became a successful West End play, describes a miscarriage of justice in the same Cambridge college which served as a setting for The Masters. David Tennant plays Donald Howard. Strangers And Brothers: The Corridors Of Power The corridors and committee rooms of Whitehall are the setting for the ninth in the Strangers and Brothers series.They are also home to the manipulation of political power.Roger Quaife wages his ban-the-bomb campaign from his

Single Father Update

The above article about Single Father appears in the latest edition of Marie Claire (September 2010).

Audiobook Awards

Two of David's recent audiobooks are nominated in the Audiobook Store's 2010 awards. You can vote for either the Doctor Who story Dead Air or From Shakespeare With Love. Click here to vote now.

Doctor Who Specials Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the Tenth Doctor's specials The Next Doctor, Planet Of The Dead, The Waters Of Mars and The End Of Time will be released in a 2 CD set on 20th September 2010. The CD can be pre ordered from our shop for just £11.99 here.

Doctor Who DVD Savings

There are loads of great savings to be made on Doctor Who DVDs in our store this summer. Thanks to our affilates at Amazon we have a collection of David's Doctor adventures for under £5 each! With titles including The Next Doctor and Doomsday it's an opportunity to complete your collection at a cut down price! Click here to browse the under £5 Doctor Who DVDs. There's also an amazing reduction in the price of the Doctor Who Box Sets and you could buy Series 2, 3 and 4 of Doctor Who for just £49.73 for all three box sets! Click here to browse the box sets.

David Wins At The Portal Awards

David has won the Best Actor award in the Portal Awards by an absolute landslide! Plus Russell T Davies' Doctor Who totally swept the board... Airlock Alpha say: Fans will definitely miss David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. At least those who took the time to participate in Airlock Alpha's 2010 Portal Awards. Tennant won Best Actor/Television (by a landslide) and Davies picked up the Gene Roddenberry Award for lifetime achievement on this third try as "Doctor Who" walked away with six awards, including Best Series/Television for "Doctor Who" itself. Tennant had a tough field to compete against in the Best Actor category including the likes of John Barrowman from "Torchwood," Matthew Fox from "Lost," Zachary Levi from "Chuck" and Eddie McClintock from "Warehouse 13." Tennant, however, took 68 percent of the vote with his closest runner-up, Barrowman, attracting just 10 percent of the overall vote for that category.


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