NEW INTERVIEW: Marianne Jean- Baptiste On The Second Series Of Broadchurch

Were you aware of the Broadchurch phenomenon?
I wasn't aware of the phenomenon of Broadchurch. Living in LA I didn't see all the hype;people telling me what I should be watching can be a bit off putting. But without that knowledge I could just judge for myself what I was seeing and I thought it was amazing.

How was it joining the cast for series two?
Being in the position along with Charlotte Rampling of being outsiders it could work either way - if it works great if not great. You don't have to be embraced on a film or TV set but coming in they were all so welcoming, we felt wanted, we were excited to be part of it.
I spoke to Chris Chibnall and he said we have one rule - no egos! And he was right, we laughed every day. Proper big belly laughs three or four times a day! It has been a fantastic experience. Chris Chibnall is a great guy, kind and clever. I signed up without even seeing the scripts...

Did you enjoy your time in West Bay ?
I did some drawing, even brought my water colours, which is harder, but the light is so gorgeous. It is one of the first things I noticed when I watched Broadchurch. I thought where is this, it has got to be the south of France or somewhere, because the light is fantastic.

How do you deal with the secrecy involved?
I have encountered a little before. When you are doing a movie you are expected to keep quiet about the content for as long as it is filming, but then you can talk about it. But with this when my friends and family ask what I've been doing on Broadchurch I can't really tell them's crazy.
All I'd say is you think you know what you know but you don't know anything...

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Broadchurch returns to UK screens on 5th January at 9pm on ITV.

It will air in the USA on BBC America from 4th February.