PREVIEW: Titan Comics Present Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor #5 - Out 17th December

The fifth issue of the new officially licensed series of Tenth Doctor adventures is released by Titan Comics on Wednesday 17th December. The brand new range features brand new adventures with the Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, in the period after he had returned Donna Noble to her family. Travelling with a new companion, a would-be artist from New York named Gabby Gonzalez, the Doctor finds himself heading straight back into trouble and facing some previously unseen enemies.

Photo variant cover

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #5
The Arts In Space Part 2
Story: Nick Abadzis
Artwork: Elena Casagrande and Arianna Florean

The story so far:
The Doctor brought Gabby to the alien artistic community of Ouloumos. Gabby was quite overcome by the experience, and has been documenting her trip in her diary to show her best friend back home, Cindy Wu.

One of the Doctor’s favorite artists, Zhe Ikiyuyu, was missing from the gallery. Several years ago, Zhe retreated to her private moon, and has not been seen since. Investigating, the Doctor and Gabby discovered that Zhe’s shapeshifting, environment-twisting Apprentice was running her retreat, and had gone jealously, murderously mad in Zhe’s absence!

Issue 4's cliffhanger left the Doctor plunging to certain death while Gabby tried to elude the deadly Apprentice. Fortunately the Doctor manages - literally - to snatch last minute salvation from thin air. Meanwhile, Gabby is putting the intelligence and endearing qualities that drew the Doctor to her to good use in learning more about the strange world in which she finds herself. She is also succeeding in winning round one aspect of the Apprentice, but will it be enough to allow the Doctor to track down and release Zhe before the time travelling pair get a close up encounter with some sculpture that really wasn't what they had anticipated?

Again Nick Abadzis' thrilling narrative tells the story from the perspective of companion Gabby, giving a usually unseen insight into the experience of travelling with the Time Lord for the first time. Elena Casagrande and Arianna Florean share art duties to reflect Gabby's personal thoughts and attempts to explain what she is seeing. Casagrande's realisation of the worlds of quantum mechanics and block transfer are very effective, and there is wonderful detail in the illustrations of Zhe's mansion - look out for evidence of a previous visit by the Doctor among the portraits. The storyline also serves to help Gabby draw out and resolve some of her doubts and insecurities and for someone else to confirm the latent talents in her that the Doctor had already spotted. It's hoped that future story arcs will see the downtrodden Gabby grow further and realise her own potential under his mentorship.

The issue goes on sale worldwide on Wednesday 17th December in print and digital forms.
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