NEW INTERVIEW: Andrew Buchan On The Second Series Of Broadchurch

What was it like coming back to film the new series?
Strange. Stepping back into the old house was very odd. It felt very empty and cold. Everywhere you looked there was a memory. Don't get me wrong, Dorset is such a beautiful place to film. But even on bright, blue-sky days there's now almost a sense of impending doom.

How had the Broadchurch phenomenon affected you since the first series?
A lot of people on trains wanted to talk about it. Taxi drivers wanted to talk about it. Certain Grans would come up to me at airports and say 'I knew it wasn't you', and squeeze my wrist.
I wouldn't say it's changed anything work wise. I think directors are aware of the fact that I've done it, and are pleased that it's gone down well, but I think they still want me to prove

Did you miss the character of Mark Latimer when it was all over - how did you feel returning to the role?
Honestly? Yes and no. Mark's quite an angry individual. Quite stubborn and hot headed. I wouldn't say you miss crying every day, but as an actor you miss the challenge of it, you miss the other actors, you miss being involved in the tension of the story. It was always so hard to predict what might happen next.
Returning to it carried with it the same feelings of anxiety and excitement as the first series. We'd all received the new episode one and it was brilliantly written. At the same time you can't help but feel slightly on edge - as usual with Chris Chibnall you've no idea what lies ahead.

What did the new cast members bring to the mix?
All of them were exceptional. We were all quite giddy about them coming on board. For some reason I ended up spending quite a lot of time with Charlotte, either in cars or on train journeys. She'd talk about poetry and Paris and past experiences. She's a pretty remarkable lady. As is Marianne for that matter. Marianne's just got that thing, that certain something. Brilliant actress, brilliant person.

How do you cope with being asked about plot etc all the time? Are the public or your friends and family the worst culprits?
I don't mind. Everyone's a culprit in a way, but it's actually nice that they're showing interest in the show. Quite a few people have imagined that it's going to be exactly the same plot as series one and they get quite angry: 'Where can it go? You can't just have someone else dying, that'd be ridiculous!' So I just nod and agree.

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Broadchurch returns to UK screens on 5th January at 9pm on ITV.

It will air in the USA on BBC America from 4th February.