What Does The New Broadchurch Trailer Tell Us About Series 2?

Yesterday saw the first trailer for the second series of Broadchurch released and it's definitely thrown up more questions about what we can expect when the eagerly anticipated drama returns to our screens in January. 

Firstly can we expect to see an investigation in to Sandbrook, the case of two murdered school girls that haunted David Tennant's character, Detective Alec Hardy, throughout the first series?
A flashback scene of a young girl wearing a pendant is shown - it's likely that this is the same pendant that was a vital piece of evidence in the Sandbrook case and which went missing leading to the collapse of the whole case and Hardy being branded a failure by the press. The Sandbrook killer is still at large and surely Hardy won't rest until he's found justice for the victims and peace of mind for himself? Hardy is also seen pleading "I can't do this on my own" is he asking Miller to join him in uncovering the truth about Sandbrook?

Olivia Colman's character of Ellie Miller, seems to also reference the Sandbrook case when she asks: "Where were you both the night those girls disappeared?" though we don't get to see exactly who she is posing this question to could it be to new cast member James D'Arcy, playing as yet unknown charcter? He is seen telling Hardy "I want my life back" Perhaps he's been a suspect in the murders..

Eve Myles also joins the cast and is seen asking someone to 'Tell her'.. this appears to be directed towards Hardy and Miller and if so what secret is he holding back from his long suffering partner now? 

The new trailer isn't all focusing on new characters and Sandbrook though and there's plenty of familiar Broadchurch residents to be seen, with Arthur Darvill's Paul Coates and Jonathan Bailey's Olly Stephens among the old faces popping up.

Also featured are the Latimers, the family of Broadchurch murder victim Danny. This series takes place six months after the arrest of Danny's killer. They are seen dodging a scrum of photographers outside what could be the court where they will be watching the trial.
Danny's mum Beth is also seen collapsing in grief on a stairwell as she sobs for her lost child and her anger towards Ellie seems unabated. 

And what is the significance of the bluebells? They are first seen when Ellie is holding a card adorned with a pressed bloom and then again on the end of the trailer when a woodland full of them provides a backdrop. They also feature on a new promotional image released by ITV to promote the new air date.

The only thing we are certain of after watching this trailer is that 5th January can not come soon enough!

Watch the trailer here.

View some photos from the trailer below: