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INTERVIEW: The New Face Of David Tennant


INTERVIEW: "It Just Feels Scary All The Time"

David Tennant: It just feels scary… all the time He's been voted the best Doctor Who ever, but David Tennant's rule as the Timelord is coming to an end. So how will he cope with life outside the Tardis? Johnny Davis, who has spent the past year trailing him, talks to Britain's most popular actor Last month David Tennant sold off his bed. It was, he admitted, "not the most delicious piece of furniture". It sat in reception at London's Absolute Radio looking every one of its 15 years in age, its wonky wrought-iron headboard accessorised by a Dalek bedspread and a handwritten sign: "Do not sit on this: prone to collapse". Tennant was hosting Absolute's Breakfast Show alongside regular presenter Christian O'Connell. By 10am he'd played ping pong in the back of a Ford Galaxy, answered a series of questions from 12-year-olds and encouraged the actor Anthony Head to call in and sing "Lean on Me". Then there was his bed, being aucti

INTERVIEW: David Tennant On Taking A Gamble On Hollywood

DR WHO star David Tennant has admitted that he could be left out in the cold if his big break in Hollywood doesn't come off. Tennant has the chance to make his name in the States after filming the hour-long pilot for the new US legal comedy Rex Is Not Your Lawyer in which he plays an oddball Chicago attorney at law. But he admitted his fame in Britain could mean nothing when it comes to NBC network bosses deciding whether the pilot shows enough promise to become a full series. Following in the footsteps of stars such as fellow-Scot Ashley Jensen as he tries to make it big across the Pond, the 38-year old from Bathgate explained: "It's impossible to know what will happen with a pilot, especially in the American market, which is so different to ours and difficult to predict. But it will be an adventure if nothing else. "These American shows could be very allconsuming and go on for years, or I might film my pilot and never hear a thing. So you have to roll with the p

INTERVIEW: Between Takes: David Tennant


INTERVIEW: Tall And Scottish

"You go into a supermarket and your face is on a cake and underpants. And all that's very odd. It's not what you imagine when you go to drama school, that you'll be commemorated in plastic and icing, and cotton." Scottish actor David Tennant is very famous in the United Kingdom. Despite his appearance in  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , Tennant is not that well known in America, although has spent the last four years starring in the British television institution  Doctor Who , which was recently honored by the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Successful Sci-Fi Television Show." Doctor Who  originally aired on the BBC from 1963 to 1989 and was revived in 2005. Tennant plays The Doctor, a charismatic Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in space and time, often saving Earth from all manner of nasty aliens and monsters. In a clever conceit that allows different actors to play the same character, Time Lords don't technica

David Reads 'Emily Brown And The Elephant Emergency'

David On Breakfast

David On GM:TV


David will be in the BBC Breakfast studio tomorrow morning to discuss his last epiosde of Doctor Who. Tune in to see him on BBC One between 6am - 9am.

BBC Five Live Breakfast Show

David will be a guest on Radio 5 Live's Breakfast Show tomorrow morning.He will be chatting about his last ever episode of Doctor Who. You can listen online at

The End Of Time Part Two Trailer

Allons-y! Trailer

Doctor Who Confodential: Allons-y! will air on New Year's Day at 19:55pm on BBC Three.

Alan Carr Chatty Man

If you missed David on Alan Carr's Chatty Man last night then you can watch it again online here . It will also be repeated on New Year's Eve. Check the diary on the main site for full repeat details.

The Greatest TV Shows Of The Noughties

The End Of Time Part Two Pics

His time's almost up and the poor Doctor is looking more than slightly the worse for wear in these new shots from The End Of Time Part Two. See how his final story unfolds on New Year's Day at 18:40pm on BBC One. Thanks to Blogtor Who .


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