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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - We Talk To David Tennant - 2007 are pleased to bring you this new exclusive interview with David Tennant. How is filming on the new series of Doctor Who going? Very good. We are on the final furlong now really. We're on the last block of episodes now. We should be finished in about three weeks. We were filming in a quarry last night which is the stereotypical Doctor Who location shoot!  We haven't been in many quarries in this series though. Episode One is finished and I've seen that. I was very pleased with it. I think everyone is quite pleased with it all. Episode Two should be finished today, I think, so I should get to see that soon.  The filming of this series seems to have gone a lot quicker than last year for some reason. Are there any new monsters that you can tell us about? There's the Judoon in Episode One. They are like space stormtroopers with heads like Rhinos. They are really impressive actually. They have a prosthetically made mask which is controll

INTERVIEW: Meeting The Doctor

It is almost exactly a year ago – December 2006. We’re at a party in London to celebrate the Doctor Who Christmas special premiere. There is an ebullient sense of anything being possible – not least because we are at a social occasion at which both the Daleks and the Tardis are present, right next to the table of free wine. At some point during the party, two men leaning on a Dalek start a conversation. They are Edward Russell, Doctor Who’s suave brand manager, and Will Baker – Russell’s friend, and, slightly more infamously, Kylie Minogue’s stylist/photographer/“gay husband”. Baker is a huge Doctor Who fan. Russell has previously fixed it for Baker to visit the Doctor Who set, go into the Tardis, feel the tentacles of the Ood, etc. Now, at the party, Russell muses on how Baker might try to pay him back for these favours. “You could get Kylie to do a role in Doctor Who,” Russell suggests, perhaps not wholly seriously. Baker is enthused by the idea. What’s more, he thinks Kylie

INTERVIEW: From Chic To Geek

David Tennant talks to Neil Midgley about his new comedy drama Learners and what's in store for Doctor Who. Fans of Doctor Who, used to seeing David Tennant looking cool in a natty pinstripe suit, will hardly recognise him in tonight’s BBC1 one-off comedy drama, Learners. (People who only saw him at the National Television Awards the other week, where Tennant turned up as a teddy boy, will have even more trouble.) Tennant’s character in Learners is anything but cool.   ‘I play Chris,’ says Tennant. ‘He’s a driving instructor, he’s a very decent chap. He’s perhaps not the most glamorous man alive, but he’s very dependable. His confidence as a driving instructor is not matched by his confidence as a human being, really. But he’s a passionate driving instructor, he’s very good at it, and it’s vocational for him.’ Despite Chris’s geekiness – provincial spectacles and all – he finds himself the hot apex of a love triangle. Fiona (Sarah Hadland), who runs the driving school where

INTERVIEW: Doctor Who's The Daddy?

Source: GQ 2007

INTERVIEW: The Doctor Will See You Now

Doctor Who is the BBC’s new flagship show in all but name and David Tennant is not only the best Doctor yet, but the hottest. The Times meets the timelord and his new assistant, and visits Cybermen and Daleks on the set in Wales... Cardiff railway station, 10am. The cab driver isn’t sure where exactly we are going. He pulls to a halt at the end of the rank, and hails the cab opposite. “I’ve got passengers for Doctor Who ,” he says, with an expansive gesture at us in the back. “Where do I turn off?” “For Doctor Who ?” the other cab-driver says. “For Doctor Who? ” There is a long pause, where a more overexcited cab passenger might begin to speculate as to whether Doctor Who is shot on Earth at all. Maybe it’s accessible only via a closely guarded magnetic anomaly in a disused bronze mine, guarded by the Sontarans. “You go right at the BP petrol station, mate.” Doctor Who and its spin-offs — Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Mysteries, Doctor Who Confidential and Totally Doctor Who — occupy

INTERVIEW: Doctor Who Am I?

David Tennant’s new character has brain damage. John Naish peeks inside the head of a Time Lord... David Tennant bounds up, all bright-eyed and beaming. It has taken months to chisel a hole in his manic schedule for this interview and he’s here at the wrong end of a hard day of being Doctor Who. I’m psyched up for the task of squeezing answers from a time-worn narcoleptic, but he’s all spiky hyper, bouncing in his chair, a mass of gangly fidgets and quick-fire chat. It feels ironic that we’re here to discuss his next TV role, playing the disorientated victim of serious brain damage in BBC One’s Recovery. Head injuries dominated the headlines recently when the Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond crashed a jet-propelled car at nearly 280mph. For days, updates on his critical condition pushed Iraq off the top news slots. Hammond’s rapid and astonishing recovery made the nation sigh mistily. A happy ending. But, says Tennant, it’s a different story for most people who get rushed to inte


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