NEW INTERVIEW: Jodie Whittaker On The Second Series Of Broadchurch

How has the Broadchurch phenomenon affected your life?
When it came out it was brilliant as I went onto another job and changed the colour of my hair. I'm not as recognisable as some of the other characters so it didn't really affect me. Work-wise I was already cast in something when it came out and cast in season two so hopefully next year I can ride the wave!
It was really exciting that it did so well because we all worked so hard on it - this was really a passion project and we're so happy that everything we felt gripped the audience so much. I couldn't distance myself from the fact it was me in a scene as it was really emotional, and I was moved by things I knew were coming up - especially when David Bradley's character was found on the beach, that broke me. It was an amazing time for us all.

What is it like being back to film series two and what do the new cast bring to the production?
I've never done a second series or done anything twice, so I really love the fact that we all slipped back into it, even though there were new characters and I was really nervous. We had such a lovely time on the first series even though it was harrowing material. As a group of people we all really enjoyed working together so we wondered, will it be the same? But the injection of new cast and crew has been so exciting. Your jaw drops to think you'd be working with Marianne (Jean-Baptiste) or Charlotte (Rampling), but they just became a part of it and now I can't remember what it was like without them.

What did you feel reading the new scripts?
I'd only read episode one but Chris pitched it to us all. He was very open and suggestions we had were taken on board, so we sort of knew where he was going with it. I knew his scripts would live up to what he promised from series one. It gets more and more exciting towards the end to get each new script. I know the characters so well but don't know what is going to happen and that is so unusual in any job.

How do you manage to keep all those secrets all over again?
What is cleverly generated on this job is the sense of excitement and the unknown, and that is what I love. For a lot of actors it could be really stressful because you don't know how to prepare, but it works for us because we have so much trust in Broadchurch.

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Broadchurch returns to UK screens on 5th January at 9pm on ITV.

It will air in the USA on BBC America from 4th February.