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Chris Chibnall: Inspiration For Broadchurch Came On A Walk Along The Cliffs

Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has opened up to Broadcast magazine about the writing, development and shooting of the new ITV drama series starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman. Read what he had to say here:

I’d wanted to write a big ensemble piece for 10 years, but inspiration finally came on a walk along the cliffs near my home, says Chris Chibnall

Broadchurch started when I was out walking. Lin Coghlan, my writing tutor at Soho Theatre, always said “take a problem out for a walk”. It’s how I work out my script quandaries, across the cliffs and beaches of West Dorset where I live. In 2011, after writing United for BBC2, I wanted my next project to be as authored and personal as that film.
I’d wanted to write a big ensemble drama, set in a small community, for the best part of 10 years. And as I walked, I began to realise that I lived in the perfect setting: my corner of Dorset has an epic, cinematic landscape.
So, over a few months, I wrote just for fun. A first episode, on spec, …

New Video Interview: David Tennant On The Broadchurch Script

ITV have uploaded another video of their Broadchurch interview with David Tennant. This time he chats about Chris Chibnall's script and what drew him to the part of DI Alec Hardy.

Broadchurch starts on Monday 4th March at 9pm. For more information visit our Broadchurch section here.

Watch the video below, screen caps follow below:

Catch Up With David Tennant's Comments On Richard II

During his promotional interviews for his new drama Broadchurch, David Tennant has been asked about his latest theatre project Richard II.Here's a quick look at what David has to say on the play which sees him treading the boards once more...
Whilst talking to The Times, David revealed that rehearsals will begin in August. Speaking of his lead role as Richard II he says  "He’s an incredible character who’s a total tw*t in some ways, but you end up feeling very sympathetic towards him." David went on to describe theatre as his "proper job" but admits that the prospect of taking to the stage is always daunting “to the point where, every time I do a play, I say to myself, at the five minute call when there’s no going back: ‘Never do this again. This is stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It would be better to work in a shop. This is horrible!' I think every actor that goes on stage is a lot closer to never being able to do it again than you might imagine. The anxiety …

David Tennant Appears In Special Red Nose Day Edition Of The Beano

David Tennant will be among a host of stars making a guest appearance - and runs the risk of a shaven head -  in a special Red Nose Day edition of the Beano.

The BeanoMAX spin off from the classic comic will also feature One Direction, Olly Murs. Jedward and Jessie J alongside regular characters Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx and the Bash Street Kids. The 'Bald' issue will be co-written and guest edited by comedian Harry Hill and will follow the attempts of the Beano crew to put on a charity show. Harry also sends character Minnie the Minx on a trail of extreme hairdressing which targets the Queen, among other famous faces.
He explained: “The bald issue tells the story of hair clippers going out of control. It was everyone I could think of. It was obvious — people associate me with being bald"

One Direction said of their appearance: "We've grown up with the magazine so now to actually appear in it with Dennis and Gnasher themselves is incredible." 

Mike Stir…

Time Out Review Episode One Of Broadchurch

Time Out London have given Broadchurch four out of five stars in their review of the first episode. The eight-part crime drama series stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman and begins on ITV on Monday 4th March at 9pm.

Read the review here:

A heavyweight cast steps up for the second missing-child drama of the week, with David Tennant and Olivia Colman the ill-matched investigators charged with finding the killer of a young boy in a seaside town. Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan are superb as the bewildered, grieving parents, and expect Vicky McClure’s nosey Fleet Street hack and Arthur Darvill’s footballing vicar to play bigger roles as the eight-part drama unwinds over the coming weeks.

Ostensibly a more traditional police procedural than its BBC counterpart ‘Mayday’, ‘Broadchurch’ scores strongly on the emotional realities of grief: the cracks in Whittaker and Buchan’s relationship are already opening up, while Colman’s local copper struggles to keep a professional distance. Chris Chi…

Jodie Whittaker Talks To TV Choice About Broadchurch

Jodie Whittaker, who plays bereaved mother Beth Latimer in Broadchurch has spoken to TV Choice magazine about her role in the drama.
Jodie Whittaker - BroadchurchInterview by Jon Peake
When a child dies, the finger of suspicion points at the residents of a small coastal town in ITV's new drama Broadchurch. Jodie Whittaker plays Beth Latimer, the mother of murdered boy Danny in the series that also co-stars Andrew Buchan, Olivia Colman, David Tennant, Pauline Quirke, Arthur Darvill and Vicky McClure…
What is the relationship like between Beth and her husband Mark (Andrew Buchan)?
Not good. They’ve been together for 15 years, she got pregnant at 15, and as any childhood sweethearts might be, it’s a very normal stage to be at when you’ve been with someone for half your life. Of course the pressure following a child bereavement is immense, nothing compares to it. So any marriage would be severely tested.
No one really trusts each other in the town and anyone could be a suspect — even the …

David Tennant 'Beginning To Give Up Hope' Of Doctor Who Return

David Tennant has told Time Out London that he is beginning to give up hope of returning to Doctor Who for the show's 50th anniversary. Speaking of the celebrations he maintains his stance that he has heard nothing about appearing in the show and says he is ‘beginning to give up hope that anything’s going to happen’.

Talking of the life changes that his role as the Tenth Doctor brought he says ‘You can’t ever shrug it off, sometimes it’s a really lovely thing – even people who don’t watch the show love the idea of it. But you can’t switch it off when you’re buying a coffee and want to get home quickly, and five kids want a photograph taken.'
Though he quickly adds 'That makes it sound like a trial, and it’s not, but you can’t choose it. It’s part of the deal and it changes the practicalities of your life.’

Read the rest of the interview here.

Richard II At The Barbican London - Priority Booking Information

The Royal Shakespeare Company have sent out the following information to members in an email:

Richard II London Transfer - information for Members As announced by RSC Artistic Director Gregory Doran last month, Richard II will transfer to London's Barbican Theatre in December 2013, following its run in Stratford-upon-Avon. RSC Members will shortly receive full information about the transfer through the post or you can view information online. Full Members' Priority Booking (online and telephone) opens Thursday 7 March Associate Members' Priority Booking (online and telephone) opens Friday 8 March Public Booking opens on Monday 18 March Before booking opens we highly recommend, particularly if you're a new Member, logging in to check that your username and password is associated with your Membership. Login here and you should be directed to the Members' Room. Book online at the RSC website (you will need to login to access tickets), or call your Members' Ticket Hotline…

David Tennant Talks To Time Out About Broadchurch And The Bard

The new issue of Time Out London includes an interview with David Tennant. It's released today and is free from many tube and rail stations across London. Throughout the week it is available at various locations, Click here to find out where to grab your free copy.You can also subscribe to the magazine here.

David Tennant bounds into a serviceably plush meeting room at ITV, a ball of bonhomie and enthusiasm, engaging and engaged: all the attributes that make him such a crowdpleaser. He’s 41 now, but his boyish ebullience, carefully dishevelled hair and tweed trousers (okay, maybe not those) mean he could easily pass for ten years younger. ‘The notion of having to be attractive and manly is something I find very difficult to come to terms with,’ he says, wriggling uncomfortably in those tweed trousers, but it’s hard to imagine any previous occupant of the Tardis pulling off wearing Converse.
This is a big year for Tennant, as he bids to step out from the long shadow cast by ‘Doctor W…

David Tennant Reveals He Hung Out With MPs To Prepare For The Politician's Husband

In the midst of all of David Tennant's promotional interviews for Broadchurch this week he has revealed a bit about his preparation for his upcoming BBC Two political drama, The Politician's Husband, telling the Radio Times that to get ready for his role he hung out with MPs.
"They all got a bit fidgety, I'm not allowed to say who they were. One used to be a big hitter and isn't anymore.  A bit bitter. I was expecting, because they don't stop, they have no life outside, that they'd mind. They loved when they stood up in front of the House and did a speech. They loved it. And it's the same with us."
Read the rest of David's interview with the Radio Times here.

The Politician's Husband comes to BBC Two soon.
You can pre order the DVD here - it is released on 29th April.

Visit our The Politician's Husband section here.

David Tennant & Broadchurch In Total TV Guide

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of Total TV Guide is on sale in the UK from today.

David Tennant And Broadchurch In TV & Satellite Week

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of TV & Satellite Week is on sale in the UK from today.

David Tennant And Broadchurch In What's On TV

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of What's On TV is on sale in the UK from today.

David Tennant Talks Broadchurch To TV Choice

David Tennant talks to TV Choice about his new drama Broadchurch.

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of the TV Choice is on sale in the UK from today.

David Tennant In The TV Times

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of the TV Times is on sale in the UK from today.

David Tennant And Olivia Colman Talk Broadchurch In The Radio Times

David Tennant and Olivia Colman are interviewed today in the Radio Times about their starring roles in the new ITV crime drama Broadchurch.

Read what they have to say here here:

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March. Find out all about the drama here
The 2nd - 8th March issue of the Radio Times is on sale in the UK from today.


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