NEW INTERVIEW: David Tennant On The Second Series Of Broadchurch

What can we expect from the new series of Broadchurch?
It's a very different type of story. I think we all found it hard to predict where Chris (Chibnall) was going to go and how he was going to tell a story faithful to season one without underselling the veracity of it. It would have been ludicrous and a bit disappointing to discover another body on the beach and begin another eight episodes of whodunnit...he absolutely doesn't do that. Tonally it's the same show but structurally it is completely different.
This is a really clever and exciting bit of writing, still a thriller but not the same type. Without giving anything away, it is almost impossible to describe but by the first commercial break people will be enthralled.

Do you see Emmett Carver, your character from the US version Gracepoint, as a totally
different character to Alex Hardy?
I wouldn't say Carver and Hardy are completely different characters - in my head they occupy very different spaces. Clearly in many ways they are quite similar but don't feel like the same person, in fact they feel quite distinct. Although the story is in many ways similar, Gracepoint feels like a different world.

How did it feel to be back in West Bay?
I loved being back in West Bay. A lot of people assume we film the whole thing in Dorset but of course we don't. We film the beach scenes, anything to do with water down there everything else in London for interiors and we use locations around Bristol but West Bay is the location that everyone recognises - the Jurassic cliffs (that poor Danny was found at the bottom of in season one) still feature prominently in season two, we'll see the police station again and other locations audiences have seen before. We always enjoy coming back here -
this is where Chris Chibnall our writer lives, so he writes to his locale.

Is it getting harder to keep the Broadchurch secrets?
No, I don't think it has got any harder to keep the secrets. I think it frustrates those around you but I am well practised at not giving anything away; withholding everything. I don't mind it. I quite like being the holder of secrets. I get frustrated if I'm the one that doesn't know them, but happy to be in the slightly superior position of knowing what comes next...