FAN REACTION: Gracepoint Episode 10

On 11th December the final episode of Gracepoint premiered and we asked fans on our Facebook page what they thought of the drama. It's certainly been a project that has divided opinion with some fans loving the show and some being disappointed by the series.
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In last night's episode Danny's funeral service takes place and the Gracepoint murder case comes to a close when Detective Emmett Carver and Detective Ellie Miller finally catch Danny’s killer...

Here's a selection of your comments:

Spoilers will follow so do not read if you haven't watched the episode yet...

Robyn Byers Stuber 
I thought it was very good. Because I've seen Broadchurch, it's easy to compare. I thought Tennant's accent got stronger throughout the series and he was very strong. I thought Gunn's performance lacked a lot of the emotion that was needed, though she played the sass and anger well. All of the other actors were sufficiently creepy - in Broadchurch, they were all a bit off, but in Gracepoint, they were downright creepy.

Kent Bivens 
Very powerful and well done! I'd LOVE to see where things go from here!

Francesca Cline Quarles 
I loved the ending! Half way through I felt disappointed but then BAM, there was the twist, and the right when you thought it was over there was the cliff hanger! Of course David Tennant was amazing!

Betty McColgan 
Wow wow and wow!!! Great ending. So sorry there will not be a second season. Of course, it would be difficult to make it believable with the same characters and the changes in relationships. But what a great series. Thank you all!!!

Diane Barber 
It was better than I expected I especially was impressed the way it was all woven together. Episode by episode the tension built It was so well written. I would watch it as a regular weekly show. David Tennant and Anna Gunn were great playing off of each others characters.

Kendra Letterer Smith
 Horrible. If you were going to change the Broadchurch story, why not change it ALL? Very disappointed. Hoping the Broadchurch series 2 will be much better......

Gene Bannister 
At first was a bit taken aback by the seemingly same ending as Broadchurch but surprised by the twist. Only two complaints; no second season and the final scenes were too dark (lighting) to tell what was going on.

Joe Rossi 
We just couldn't accept a forced American accent and scrubby looking David tennant. Also yet another cop show.

Terry Lynn
Amazing ending!!! Sitting on the edge of my seat!!

Skip Temple 
It was a deep, convoluted series but much better than most that will continue. It just seems that when people are required to think about something, they opt for a reality or contest show. (not everyone, of course, but most!)  

Don Levy 
I really liked it. I'm still trying to digest it all. Great acting, especially by David Tennant and Anna Gunn.

Lori K. Gracey
 I must admit the twist at the end with Tom caught me off guard. Nicely done. It was what truly distinguished the US version from the British Broadchurch. Do wish the casting was better and the cultural inconsistencies were not so glaring.

Katie Thekleeninglady 
I don't understand why Americans have to be catered to with their own version of an awesome show. I enjoyed Broadchurch very much. I couldn't get through the first episode of this. The entire rest of the world watches american TV without having it remade for their country. This was a waste of time. And if your reading this and have not seen the UK original, go watch Broadchurch and see it the way it was meant to be seen.

Aleida Obiol-Gonzalez 
David Tennant is a great actor. I watched the show because he was on it. It was intense.

Meaghen Hustler 
I enjoyed that. I still think I like Broadchurch a BIT better, but only because of the censorship that American television has that British television doesn't. I hope that they come back with a season 2 some day. It took them long enough to get Broadchurch season 2 out, but I saw that they are tearing the set down and selling items off. The ratings weren't great towards the end but they decided to air the rest of the season anyways. At least they left it sort of open, but honestly, that's kind of a good closure at the same time. Can't wait for season 2 of Broadchurch.

Nancy Adams-Wolk 
I enjoyed the series, but clearly the writers didn't change enough for American law. I suspected the killer from episode one, but the notice was, a little unfair as we had no clues to lead us that way. Acting was good, but story was a little weak especially not taking Tom's phone and computer right away.

Donna Chaitovitz 
They have to do an season two. I wonder if Emmitt and Ellie would get together romantically if there is a season two. They had amazing chemistry.

Aimee Rivera 
Loved it!!!, I was right about the killer and what I thought happened, but the reason was a surprise!!!

Stephanie Michelle Soto 
I'm going to be honest. I watched this show thinking it was going to be fantastic, but it let me down by ep 3. I stayed with it because of the actors and had hope it would get better. Sadly, it didn't. Weak plot, slow moving, no clues, no nothing. This show didn't have much to offer. 
The ending was absolutely random and once the truth came to light, the rest was predictable.

Jini Mohanty 
I found myself yearning for Broadchurch.

Rebecca Bandhu 
Wow, that was a great, yet twisted ending!! David Tennant was absolutely amazing as always!!  They can't just leave us with that cliffhanger, though!! There NEEDS to be second season!!

Ingrid Adriana Orozco
 It was great acting ensemble led by Tennant and Gunn. Loved the ending as you see him resolved to get to the truth.

Melissa A Smith 
At first I was very annoyed that it seemed to come out the same as Broadchurch, despite claims that it would be different. Then everything came to light, and oh dear....

Oscar Tennant Albizures 
It was a fantastic episode. The series itself has been the best crime l-thriller show. This show is memorable in all aspects. So sad that it's ending but it was a good run.

Janelle Caron
 It left me on the edge of my seat til the last minute. I thought Tom was involved, but I didn't expect how and what his dad was doing. And of course Carver figures it out at the end,but fox has a habit of cancelling good shows, so now we might never know what ends up happening!

Patty Macready 
I was totally drawn into the "it's the same killer?" And then I thought it was way too early in the episode for that to be it. Then, we kept trying to figure out who he'd be covering for, and - BANG! - the twist. Loved the cliffhanger phone call - we know she knows he knows.

Mirandy Rose-Jonathan Shane Munn 
I was kind of disappointed. It didn't have the edge-of-your-seat-until-the-last-minute vibe. Hoping to watch Broadchurch soon since it's season 2 starts back January 5!

Elizabeth Rice 
I very much wish that they would have deviated from Broadchurch more because when they did it was exciting and interesting- especially with the twist at the end! I wish it could've done better so we could see the fallout of Ellie's decision.

Kaitlin Coral 
I was originally disappointed with the lack of originality of writing. It was too similar to Broadchurch and I had been led to believe it would be different in many respects. That being said, the ending had a fantastic twist and the final scene was brilliantly done.

Kathryn Radabaugh 
I guessed the killer weeks ago. Just didn't know exactly how it would be done. I figured it was the way for the reveal to be as shocking as the end of Broadchurch.

Fay Ubertini 
I liked the original much better. This seemed flat. 

Brittney Collins 
Gracepoint was fantastic! It kept me guessing, even though I watched Broadchurch a while back. The ending was very well executed, as was the reveal of Danny's killer. David and Anna did a wonderful job as they always do. 

Rachael Nunn 
I preferred Broadchurch and thought the acting was much better then this American version. However, it was extremely interesting to watch both versions and see the differences in acting styles, story/character twists, and direction. Would make a good thesis study for a film or theater doctorate student.

Trina Hope 
Was disappointed that they wimped out on the ending! The details of the murder were much more powerful in Broadchurch -- in fact, it wasn't even a murder in Gracepoint.

Jenn Johnson 
I had a feeling Tom was involved but his dad wanting more from Danny shocked me. It was a good end. My hubs flipped and said he didn't like the ending because it was a cliff hanger

Cassandra Uhl 
My fiance and I discussed who we thought it was right before the episode. I must watch waaaay too much TV, because I went with the most unlikely person(s). I was right on the nose with who it was.... It was a good episode but I was honestly disappointed that I guessed correctly. I ruined it for myself hahaha.

Janice Jacobson 
At last, David Tennant had some scenes that show what he can do. They were few & far between in earlier episodes. Euros Lyn is a good director.

Kim Swaback 
For someone who hadn't seen Very well written, acted, and directed. Wouldn't have watched without Mr. Tennant starring in it. Thank you for something to look forward to and something worth watching.

Amber Kamp Smith 
I so wanted it to be the priest. For all the hype about it being a different killer, this was just a let down.

Anna Ziegler 
I was so incredibly disappointed!! If it wasn't for David Tennant, I would have changed the channel! I was really hoping it would redeem itself, and it did *yippee* - although I still feel a little like it was a cop-out. I was a little devastated on Broadchurch because it was so incredibly shocking that it felt like they played "spin the bottle" to pick the killer. I was afraid that this one was going the same way. I'm glad that it was left open for another season 

Pamela Bennett 
Absolutely the best TV mystery/drama series I've seen on USA TV in a very long time, Gracepoint has been a delight. Great production values; fantastic ensemble acting; and the writing was the key to its excellence. I can hardly describe how happy I have been with the acting and the chemistry of Tennant and Gunn. Twists and red herrings and uncertainties galore...and even after watching Broadchurch, I was never disappointed in how the Gracepoint plot developed. No complaints at all..well, except maybe for one tiny thing: the failure of Fox executives to properly promote, maintain and schedule such a jewel. In any case, I want more Gracepoint.

Cha Curoy 
It felt like they wanted to put too many events in the episode and it felt a bit rushed as a result. The twist at the end was a nice change from Broadchurch though. 
As for the show, I thought episode 3 and the whole story about the hiker were unnecessary. It didn't really bring something more to the story, it just felt like it was put here just to satisfy people who had watched Broadchurch so that they can say 'look we've made things different!'. Apart from that it was quite good. Acting was nice for most characters (like Danny's mom, Susan, Tom or the priest) and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Carver and Miller. Good show overall

Marilyn Peck 
It took me a while to adjust to the new cast after watching Broadchurch. With Tennant changing his accent my ear found it strange at first but that too adjusted. However, I really enjoyed the show and looked forward to it week to week. Nolte was great, the priest was creepy, Mark was excellent. Tennant was his usual brilliant self. I liked the end of the show... otherwise it would have been too predictable. The look in Tennant's eyes as he was replaying the video of the interview, was priceless. Hope that it is picked up for another season although we do have Broadchurch to look forward to.

Kris Beard 
Ending did not give closure......and was too closely linked to the ending of Broadchurch....but loved the show anyway.....and Tennant was awesome...once again. Doubtful there will be a sequel due to ratings. But there is going to be a sequel to Broadchurch...and I am looking forward to that...

Valerie E Johnson 
killer ending! the look on emmet's face and the unanswered call...... he knew and she knew he knew.... makes me wonder if she ran with her boys or faced the music... or if he let the boy off and allowed dad to take the fall. just aa 'write your own ending' ending!