NEW INTERVIEW: James D'Arcy On The Second Series Of Broadchurch

Did you watch Broadchurch or were you aware of the Broadchurch phenomenon when it
went out?
I was out of the country when it aired but was aware that it had become quite a
phenomenon even from America. I didn't get a chance to see it until I'd been offered a role in season two. I planned on watching one or two episodes a day, but couldn't resist and binge-watched the whole series in one day.

What was it like joining the cast, who had all become close from series one?
It was pretty intimidating walking into the read through and being surrounded by all these amazing actors (only a couple of whom I actually knew) and feeling like I knew them somehow. It was simultaneously incredibly exciting to feel that I was a small part of something so loved by the British public.

What did you think of West Bay and the surrounding areas in which you filmed?
The reason for wanting to be involved was of course the script and the incredible talent involved in every department, but it didn't hurt that we filmed in some of the most beautiful places in England. It was such a joy to go to work every morning!

Are you finding it tricky keeping everything so hush hush?
Actually, no. The people I've come into contact with don't want spoilers. They'd rather see the finished article. And now I'm actually out of the country anyway, so it's much easier to avoid the conversation.

How do you think viewers will react when they watch the first episode?
I don't like to try and legislate for anyone's reaction, but mine when I had read it was that they had done it again and I couldn't wait to hear what happened next.

Read what David Tennant had to say on the new series of Broadchurch here

Broadchurch returns to UK screens on 5th January at 9pm on ITV.

It will air in the USA on BBC America from 4th February.


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