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The Guardian: This Week In TV Looks At Broadchurch And The Politician's Husband

Andrew Collins on The Guardian's Telly Addict video review feature has taken a look at both the final episode of Broadchurch and the first episode of The Politician's Husband.

Andrew Collins praises the emotional power of Olivia Colman's performance in Broadchurch and said of the conclusion, “It was the getting there that counted and the getting there was good”

Andrew was slightly less keen on The Politician's Husband which began on Thursday, finding parts of it obvious and clichéd. However, he still rated it high enough to want to return for more.

Watch the full video blog below - be aware that the Broadchurch clip used could be regarded as a spoiler if you haven't watched the final episode.

Broadchurch is released on DVD on Monday 20th May. Pre-order your copy here
The Politician's Husband continues on Thursday 2nd May at 9pm on BBC Two. The DVD will be released on Monday 13th May - pre-order it here

The Radio Times Asks Has The Politician's Husband Gone Too Far?

The latest issue of the Radio Times (4-10 May) features an article regarding the violent rape scene which will air within the first few minutes of episode 2 of The Politician's Husband.
David Tennant's character Aiden Hoynes attacks his wife Freya (Emily Watson) and subjects her to a particularly disturbing and sickening act.

"In fairness to The Politician's Husband both Tennant and Watson are excellent, they make the scene revolting and not remotely titillating. There is no doubt that this is an attack, Freya is clearly in agony." says Alison Graham.

The article ponders whether a BBC Two drama is the correct place for such scenes to take place with Graham saying:
"I'm old fashioned enough not to want to witness something so unsparingly brutal on BBC2. Yes, BBC2. Nice civilised BBC2, home of The Great British Bake Off. The very idea!"

Graham approached the BBC on the subject who told her:
"This scene goes to the heart of the emotional story for the c…

Russell Tovey On Being Tipped To Replace David Tennant In The TARDIS

Russell Tovey has revealed that he was recommended for the role of the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who. The role went to Matt Smith obviously, but apparently Russell T Davies tipped Tovey for the part and was keen for him to be David Tennant's replacement in the TARDIS.

He tells The Independent:
“Russell texted me to say, ‘Look, I’ve said this quote about how you should be the next Doctor Who, so if it goes a bit crazy …’ And I was, ‘Oh, that’s fine …’, and then suddenly it just went everywhere: people messaging me from my childhood and lots of remarks like, ‘His ears are too big for the TARDIS, they’ll be flapping about.’ People were starting to get really personal.”

But Tovey says he has no regrets about not landing the high profile role and adds:
“It would have terrified me, I don’t know what I would have done with all the attention.”

Read the full interview with Russell Tovey here.

Broadchurch Soundtrack Now Available To American Fans On iTunes US

The six track EP featuring music from the ITV drama series Broadchurch by Icelandic composer and musician Ólafur Arnalds is now available for US customers to download via the US iTunes store. The EP costs $4.99, while individual tracks may be downloaded for $1.29 each

Click here for more details and to buy

The eight part crime drama series Broadchurch, starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman will be coming to US screens later this year via BBC America.

Thanks to xebgoc for the info

Doctor Who Pop-Up Shop Materialises In Sydney

A Doctor Who fan’s paradise will land in Sydney this Autumn with the first ever Doctor Who pop-up shop opening its doors on Thursday 9th May at 7 Wilson Street, Newtown. The Doctor Who pop-up shop is the first of its kind and will feature exclusive merchandise not currently available in Australian stores including the Doctor Who home range, which boasts a selection of stylish teapots, mugs, tea towels, notebooks, laptop covers and more. With the upcoming 50th anniversary on November 23rd fans can equip themselves for this landmark event with women’s apparel from the US, men’s t-shirts from the UK and replica props and coats from the UK and Canada.  Also on offer will be the popular range of toys, gifts, DVDs and books that Australian fans love and as a special treat fans will have the opportunity to have their photo taken in-store with a Dalek and a replica TARDIS. To mark this special event fans are invited to dress up as their favourite Doctor Who characters to celebrate the store openi…

Watch The Australian Trailer For Spies Of Warsaw

UKTV in Australia have uploaded the trailer for Spies Of Warsaw, which debuts on the channel on Sunday 5th May at 8.30pm

Spies Of Warsaw

David Tennant and Janet Montgomery star in  Spies Of Warsaw, adapted from Alan Furst’s celebrated novel by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. A thrilling spy story set in Poland, Paris, London & Berlin in the years leading up to the Second World War. French and German intelligence operatives are locked in a life-and-death struggle on the espionage battlefield.
At the French embassy, the new military attaché, Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier (Tennant), a decorated war hero of the 1914 war, is drawn into a world of abduction, betrayal and intrigue in the diplomatic salons and back alleys of Warsaw.
At the same time, the handsome aristocrat finds himself in a passionate love affair with Anna (Montgomery), a Parisian lawyer for the League of Nations. Their complicated love affair intensifies as German tanks drive through the Black Forest.
Two 90-minute film ad…

NEW PHOTOS: The Politician's Husband Final Episode

New promotional images of David Tennant in the final episode of his BBC Two drama, The Politician's Husband,  have been released.
The drama continues on Thursday 2nd May with episode 2 and the final episode will air on Thursday 9th May.
Find out more about The Politician's Husband on our website here.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown - Gridlock

To celebrate the fact that 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, we are taking a look back at all of the episodes of the show which featured David Tennant as the Doctor. At the end of our look back we'll be asking you, the fans, to vote for what you think is the ultimate David Tennant episode of Doctor Who....
We continue with the next David Tennant episode.... Gridlock
Read our previous Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Countdown posts here.

18. Gridlock
First Broadcast on 14th April 2007. Running Time: 45 Minutes. Viewing Figures: 8.41 million.
Written By Russell T Davies.
Directed By Richard Clark.
Executive Producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Rating: 8/10.

The Doctor just can't keep away from New Earth, and he's got a new companion to impress, so he and Martha are soon off on a quick jaunt to New New York. Their trip doesn't turn out quite how the Doctor imagined though as the inhabitants of the city are preoccupied with regulating thei…

Doctor Who Spin And Fly TARDIS

The TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space, is the Doctor's vehicle and home that can take him to any place and any time. Now you can control your very own TARDIS! Simply clip the TARDIS onto the clear flight cradle to make it spin and fly. This highly detailed replica electronic toy TARDIS is in scale with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch action figure collection. Features include spring loaded doors, authentic sound FX; take-off and landing light the new TARDIS interior card. Includes flight cradle to make it spin and fly. Includes spring loaded doors new TARDIS interior card. Authentic sound FX; take-off and landing light. Requires 3 x AAA batteries. Click here to pre order for £12.99 - will be released 26th May

AUDIO: Listen To The Great Scott: Waverley

Waverley, the final episode of The Great Scott series aired yesterday afternoon. The drama starred David Tennant as Walter Scott. 
You can listen to an MP3 of it here.

A gripping tale of love, war and divided loyalties with Scotland in open rebellion against the Union withEngland.
It's 1745 and 21 year old Edward Waverley, a newly commissioned red-coat officer, is posted to Scotland on the eve of Bonnie Prince Charlie's violent bid for power. His father is a rising minister in the ruling Hanoverian state, but the beloved Uncle who brought him up is an old Jacobite, loyal to the exiled Stewart dynasty.
Waverley falls in love with two very different Scottish girls - the cautious, loyalist, lowlander Rose Bradwardine, and the fiery highland rebel Flora. He goes AWOL for Flora just as her brother Fergus is rallying their clan to fight for Charlie.
When Waverley is accused by his Commanding Officer of a treasonable flirtation with the enemy, he joins the uprising in a fit of pique and h…

Character Options Release Doctor Who Time Zone Playsets

Collect and build the universe of Doctor Who with these 3D card diorama playsets that feature different time zones visited by the Doctor in the hit TV series. You can travel between different time zones or clip the sets together to build bigger ‘zones’. The playsets are in scale with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch action figures so you can create your own adventures or simply display your collection. Forbidden Planet have two sets available for pre order now. They will be dispatched in May: Time Zone Playset 1: Dalek Invasion 2075AD
Dalek Invasion; 2075AD and the Daleks have invaded Earth once more. Using their mighty Saucer ships they bombard London driving the surviving population underground. Once they land, the Daleks patrol the ground looking for survivors in the rubble to either exterminate or transform into their puppets using Dalek nanocloud technology. In the skies the Daleks use long range ‘Hoverbout’ Anti-gravity disks to pursue the resistance. The TARDIS materialises near to a Trans…

David Tennant Backs MS Campaign

David Tennant has added his name to a letter requesting that MS patients receive fair access to the treatments and help available.

The letter says:

Thousands of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Britain are being denied the treatments, support and access to neurologists and nurses they need. Research by the MS Society shows that six out of 10 eligible people with MS are not getting treatments that can reduce the frequency or severity of attacks, and in some cases slow the progression of disability. Those under the greatest financial pressure are the most in need of social care and support, but the least likely to get it. Access to treatments and services also varies dramatically across Britain. Living with MS can be a daily battle to manage – it shouldn't involve a battle with health and social care authorities, too. As people whose lives are affected by MS, we urge the Government to stop this lottery and ensure people have fair access to the treatments and services they ne…

ARTE: German Details For Spies Of Warsaw / Die Spione von Warschau

Arte have posted details for the German broadcast of Spies Of Warsaw starring David Tennant and Janet Montgomery. Parts 1 and 2 will both be shown on Friday 17th May from 8.15pm CET

Die Spione von Warschau
ARTE: Freitag 17. Mai um 20:15 Uhr (1) und 21.45 Uhr (2)
Warschau, 1937: Jean-François Mercier, französischer Diplomat und Mitglied beim Geheimdienst, ahnt die Invasion der Deutschen in Polen. Als er sich in Anna verliebt, die mit einem Sowjet- Spion zusammen ist, gerät er in Lebensgefahr. Packender Spionagethriller von Coky Giedroyc, Regisseurin der Erfolgsserie 'The Hour'
Lesen Sie hier mehr - mit Fotos und Video

Change Of Release Date For Doctor Who - Regeneration DVD Set

The Doctor Who - Regeneration DVD Box Set will now be released in the UK and Europe on the 24th June 2013, two weeks later than originally advertised.

This beautifully-packaged individually numbered and limited edition coffee table book-styled collectors’ album is every Doctor Who fan’s dream possession. Individually numbered and boasting six DVDs with over 1000 minutes of Doctor Who footage, it brings together every Doctor’s regeneration episode: from the first Doctor, exhausted from battling the Cyberman, to Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor suffering from radiation unleashed by the Great One (a giant spider); and from the spectacular transformation of the Ninth Doctor to David Tennant’s emotional farewell as the Tenth. The album is adorned with superb photography from across the era and features detailed and informative accounts of every regeneration. And if that wasn’t enough, new to DVD is The Tenth Planet featuring the Doctor’s first regeneration – beautifully restored with the missing …

Catch Up With The Great Scott: Waverley On BBC iPlayer

The final part of The Great Scott is now available to hear again worldwide on BBC iPlayer. The adaptation of Walter Scott's classic tale Waverley featured David Tennant as the writer and also starred Rupert Evans, Alison McKenzie, Olivia Morgan and Mark Bonnar.

The drama will be available on iPlayer until Sunday 5th May

Click here to listen to Waverley

In Stores Soon: Doctor Who Electronic Sonic Screwdriver Collection

Get yourself your own sonic screwdriver from a new range to be released soon by Character.

Doctor Who Electronic Sonic Screwdriver Collection
The Doctor’s multipurpose tool is a Gallifreyan device, with numerous settings, easily controlled at the press of his thumb.
The Doctor has had many sonic screwdrivers of different designs throughout his life and now you can choose from four previous iconic designs.
The collection includes The Third Doctor, The Fourth Doctor’s, The Tenth Doctor’s and River Song’s Future Sonic that all feature realistic sound FX. The Tenth’s Doctor’s Sonic and River’s Future Sonic feature also feature light FX

Click below to pre-order: Third Doctor's Sonic ScrewdriverFourth Doctor's Sonic ScrewdriverTenth Doctor's Sonic ScrewdriverRiver Song's Future Sonic Screwdriver

Each item has an RRP of £9.99 and is expected to be in stock for 30th June.

Thanks to The Doctor Who Site

Watch David Tennant In Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited On BBC America Tonight

Tonight sees the première of Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited - The Fourth Doctor, the latest in the monthly series of BBC America specials to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the show. David Tennant is one of the guest stars contributing to the show which explores Tom Baker's time in the role.

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited – The Fourth Doctor
BBC AMERICA celebrates the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, in a new special of Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, followed by the storyline Pyramids of Mars. Baker played the Doctor for seven consecutive seasons over a seven-year period, making him the longest-serving actor in the part so far. As the Doctor, he quickly made the part his own, and with his eccentric style of dress and speech – particularly his trademark long scarf – immediately became a recognizable figure. Tom Baker, lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, producer Marcus Wilson, companion Louise Jameson, among others, discuss the most alien Doctor to date and Davro…

Olivia Colman Would Say Yes To Broadchurch Series Two

Olivia Colman is all in favour of a return to Broadchurch for DS Ellie Miller.

Talking in today's Sunday People she said:

“The writer Chris Chibnall phoned up all the cast recently to tell us about it. It does sound really, really exciting. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say whether everyone is back on board. Let’s put it this way I will definitely say yes if they ask me. I thought this series was so great maybe it was best to leave well alone but then Chris ­explained his idea and I knew it would be good.” 
One of the things that concerned Olivia during the filming of the first series of Broadchurch was spending long periods away from her family. Series 1 was filmed in Bridport, Dorset and Bristol. However, it looks as though Chris Chibnall and the producers have taken this into consideration. Olivia said: “It was quite ­intense to film and most of us have families so there’s talk of doing the indoor scenes in London which would make a huge amount of difference.”
Earlier this…

Listen To David Tennant In The Great Scott: Waverley Today

David Tennant takes on the role of Walter Scott in the third and final adaptation of the classic author's novels by BBC Radio 4. Listen to Waverley at 3pm BST this afternoon on BBC Radio 4

The Great Scott Episode 3 of 3 Waverley by Walter Scott
Adapted by Mike Harris
A gripping tale of love, war and divided loyalties with Scotland in open rebellion against the Union with England.
It's 1745 and 21year old Edward Waverley, a newly commissioned red-coat officer, is posted to Scotland on the eve of Bonnie Prince Charlie's violent bid for power. His father is a rising minister in the ruling Hanoverian state, but the beloved Uncle who brought him up is an old Jacobite, loyal to the exiled Stewart dynasty.
Waverley falls in love with two very different Scottish girls - the cautious, loyalist, lowlander Rose Bradwardine, and the fiery highland rebel Flora. He goes AWOL for Flora just as her brother Fergus is rallying their clan to fight for Charlie.
When Waverley is accused by his Comman…


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