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How To Ride A Dragon's Storm

David has narrated the next story in the Cressida Cowell Hiccup series, How To Ride A Dragon's Storm. You can purchase How To Ride A Dragon's Storm and all the previous Hiccup stories, as narrated by David Tennant from our shop here . Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was an awesome sword-fighter, a dragon-whisperer and the greatest Viking Hero who ever lived. But it wasn't always like that. Hiccup's memoirs look back to when Hiccup was just an ordinary boy, and finding it very hard to be a Hero. Hiccup has three months, five days and six hours to discover America, get back to Berk, save his father, battle Polarserpents, AND win the annual Inter-Tribal Friendly Swimming Race. Can he do it? (Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock) And don't forget that you can catch David as Spitelout in the new film adaptation of How To Train Your Dragon from 31st March in the UK.

Ode To David

George Parsons aged 7 has written a lovely poem about David that will be included in the next edition of the YoungWritersUK creative writing magazine. David Tennant He is as kind as a cat, He is as adventurous as a lost explorer, He is as clever as a machine, He is as crazy as a monkey, He is as fast as a cheetah, He is as funny as a comedian, He is as popular as JLS, He is David Tennant! Well done George, surely a future poet laureate in the making! :)

One Water Update

One Water have been in touch to let us know how their campaign went. They finished the campaign on World Water Day with 155,000 followers on their FaceBook page and they currently have over 184,000 followers. They now have an army of One supporters behind them to approach supermarkets and retailers, and if they can make their products more accessible they can raise the £20 million per year that they want to donate. If you haven't signed up yet please do at and if you already have done, thanks!! :)

Single Father Update

Suranne Jones (Five Days, Unforgiven) will star alongside David Tennant (Doctor Who) in Single Father, a new four-part drama for BBC One made by Red Production Company through BBC Scotland, which started filming in Glasgow this week. Written by Mick Ford (Ashes To Ashes, William And Mary), Single Father is a touching yet humorous drama which tells the story of Dave (David Tennant), a photographer facing the seemingly impossible job of bringing up four kids alone after the sudden death of his wife, Rita. Things get even more complicated when he begins to fall in love with his wife's best friend, Sarah (played by Suranne Jones). Single Father asks how soon is too soon to fall in love again? Is Dave betraying Rita by falling in love again so quickly, or will he be walking away from happiness if he ignores his feelings? With his children at the centre of his world, Dave worries what will happen when they find out. Suranne Jones says: "I just think David's great. I've alway

How To Train Your Dragon

David has voiced the character Spitelout in the new movie verison of Cressida Cowell's How To Train Your Dragon. It will be released in Australia on 25th March 2010, the USA on 26th March 2010 and in the UK on 31st March 2010. David has previously narrated a series of Hiccup adventures on audio book, and they can all be purchased in our shop here . You can view a trailer for the movie below and visit the official site at

Order Your Headway Essex T Shirt Today

We're sure you'll all remember how we told you that David had designed a doodle that would be available on a range of merchandise to raise funds for Headway Essex, well the good news is that they are now ready and available for UK fans to order! Click here to download the order form! Headway Essex say: David Tennant the Patron of Headway Essex has exclusively designed a fantastic doodle to raise funds for the brain injury charity.If you want to keep David close to your heart the David Doodle T-shirt is just what you need! These t-shirts are the ultimate Ethical shirt made from organic cotton. They come in both male and female fit with a full range of sizes. Headway Essex is raising funds by selling the t-shirts for £22 each. Delivery is free.For the more adventurous among you, you could always rest your head and 'Dream with David' on your very own David Doodle Pillowcase! This contemporary style black doodle on a white cotton mix pillowcase looks fabulous. Headway Es

Glorious 39 On Sky Box Office

Glorious 39 will premiere on Sky Box Office on 29th March 2010. It will air on Sky Box Office Digital at 06:00am and on Sky Box Office HD2 at 23:00pm. It is also released on DVD on 29th March. You can order it on our shop for just £9.99 here . Visit the Glorious 39 section here.

Just When Stories

David is to narrate a new book based on the Rudyard Kipling classic, Just So Stories. Just When Stories is a collection of animal tales from modern day authors which is being released in August to raise funds for endangered species. The Guardian report: More than 100 years, oh Best Beloved, after Rudyard Kipling published his Just So Stories, authors including William Boyd, Hanif Kureishi and Michael Morpurgo are contributing to an anthology inspired by Kipling's classic children's book which will raise money for endangered species. The Just When Stories, also featuring contributions from award-winning Australian illustrator Shaun Tan and Canadian writer Karen Connelly, winner of the Orange prize for new writers, will see the authors writing a short story about an animal of their choice. Boyd, author of Restless and Ordinary Thunderstorms, has tackled the chimpanzee, Kureishi has taken on the ladybird and former children's laureate Morpurgo has written about a boy who

HBO Announce Einstein And Eddington Air Date

HBO have announced that Einstein And Eddington will premiere on their network at 21:00pm EDT on 23rd March 2010.

Diet Or My Husband Dies

David has narrated a new 50 minute documentary for BBC One, Diet Or My Husband Dies. It will air on Monday 15th March at 22:35pm on BBC One, 23:05pm on BBC Northern Ireland and at 23:15pm on BBC Wales. The BBC Schedule has released the following details: Documentary telling the moving story of Andy and Samantha Lamb. Andy was dying of kidney failure; Samantha could save him by donating one of hers. She was forced to lose four stone before surgeons were happy to operate, however, Samantha had to do so quickly to save her husband's life. The official programme page can be seen here .

Karate Kids

David will be narrating a new documentary for BBC Two. Karate Kids is part of the My Life season and follows a group of disabled children who learn adapted martial arts skills in a bid to improve their movement and confidence. The episode will air on 13th March at 11:30am on BBC Two. The BBC press office says: My Life, CBBC's single-subject observational documentary strand, continues with Karate Kids, which follows three disabled friends, Suleyman, Francis and Tim. The friends work with martial arts master Glenn, who is using Sanjuro, his own unique blend of martial arts dance combat, to help improve their movement. The three friends all attend a school for children with physical disabilities and associated special educational needs in London. The work Glenn does aims to give them self-respect, self-discipline and focus, as well as improved confidence and fitness. Buoyed by the martial arts classes, Tim seems to benefit more than most. He has never been able to move or commun

Of Mice And Men

Don't forget to tune into BBC Rado 4 at 15:00pm today to hear David in Of Mice And Men. David Tennant and Liam Brennan star in Donna Franceschild's dramatisation of John Steinbeck's seminal novel about migrant workers in Thirties California, whose dream of one day owning a place of their own is tragically destroyed.Of Mice And Men explores the friendship between George Milton and Lennie Small via the last three days in Lennie's life.On the run from a town where Lennie has been accused of rape, they pick up new jobs on a ranch further north – a place where the boss has recently married a flirtatious young woman.She's trouble, however, and George knows it, so he warns Lennie about the woman. They dream about a better life – a life they think is just around the corner. The boss's wife then finds Lennie alone in the barn and their dream is ripped apart.David Tennant stars as George Milton and Liam Brennan as Lennie Small. The cast also features Jude Akuwudike as C

100 British Celebs That Really Matter

Piers Morgan has published his list of '100 British Celebs that really matter' in today's Daily Mail. David has made the list at No.86. His entry says: David Tennant I've never met him, I know absolutely nothing about him, and I doubt these two facts will ever change. But if you're a hit as Doctor Who in this country, then you matter. Rather more irritatingly, from a personal point of view, Tennant was on TV even more than me at Christmas. Which is the main reason he's down so low on my list. Age: 38 Born: Bathgate, West Lothian Education: Paisley Grammar School; Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Homes: London; Cardiff You can read the full list online here .

The Code Of The Krillitanes

To celebrate World Book Day a new Doctor Who Quick Read story has been released. 'I blame those new Brainy Crisps. Since he started eating them, he's been too clever by half'. Can eating a bag of crisps really make you more clever? The company that makes the crisps says so, and they seem to be right. But the Doctor is worried. Who would want to make people more brainy? And why? With just his sonic screwdriver and a supermarket trolley full of crisps, the Doctor sets out to find the truth. The answer is scary - the Krillitanes are back on Earth, and everyone is at risk! Last time they took over a school. This time they have hijacked the internet. Whatever they are up to, it's big and it's nasty. Only the Doctor can stop them - if he isn't already too late... A short, sharp shot of adventure, featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit series from BBC Television. Order The Code Of The Krillitanes in our shop here for just £1.99

Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

David has narrated the BBC Sport Relief documentary Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man. You can see it on the following days. Episode 1 Last summer comedian Eddie Izzard completed 43 marathons in 51 days around the UK in aid of Sport Relief. This programme finds out how he managed to finish the gruelling endurance challenge after just five weeks of training. In the first episode, Eddie sets off from London and begins to struggle against severe weather and an unforgiving terrain. He makes a moving return to his old house in Skewen, South Wales, and faces an epic climb into the Brecon Beacons. Showing on 6th March 23:25pm BBC Three 7th March 03:30am BBC Three 8th March 01:15am BBC Three 10th March 04:10am BBC Three 10th March 20:00pm BBC Three Episode 2 The physical and mental strain of running consecutive marathons begins to take its toll on the comedian. He has run from London to Wales and completed 10 marathons, but with 33 to go, agonising injuries result in him being told to sl

New Doctor Who Audios

Three new exclusive to download Doctor Who audiobooks have been released. They are all unabridged. Autonomy is read by Georgia Moffett: Hyperville is 2013's top hi-tech, 24-hour entertainment complex - a sprawling palace of fun under one massive roof. You can go shopping, or experience the excitement of Doomcastle, Winterland, or Wild West World. But things are about to get a lot more exciting - and dangerous! What unspeakable horror is lurking on Level Zero of Hyperville? And what will happen when the entire complex goes over to Central Computer Control? Click here to purchase the download. The Krillitane Storm is read by Will Thorp: When the TARDIS materializes in medieval Worcester, the Doctor finds the city seemingly deserted. He soon discovers its population is living in a state of terror, afraid to leave their homes after dark, for fear of meeting their doom at the hands of the legendary Devil's Huntsman. And, after a terrifying encounter with a deadly Krillitane,

New Film Project For David?

Are David and Billie Piper about to team up again on a new film project? They are both in discussions to star in a new film directed by Laurence Fox called Love On The Murder Mile. Mackenzie Crook and and Matthew Rhys are also expected to co star. The script, by Johnny Glynn, is set in London and the story is described as an urban thriller. Robin Fox, the film's producer (and brother of Laurence), said negotiations were still ongoing and that not all the cast were officially contracted so David's involvement is yet to be officially confirmed, but we'll keep you updated!

One Water Update

Many, many thanks to all of you who have helped out One Water so far. Unfortunately they didn't reach their 250,000 target but they now have nearly 29,000 supporters, which is unbelievable. Overwhelmed by the response, their trustee has extended his offer until World Water Day (22nd March). Being such a prominent day for One this is fantastic news, and he has also found a donor who will match his $5000 too, so the donation is now $10,000. This is enough to fund a full PlayPump, so if they reach that target they’re going to fund a PlayPump in honour of their facebook fans, all of their photos will go in a montage on the tank panel – it’s amazing! Take a look: If you haven't helped out yet by joining the group then please do! Click here to join up now!

Dead Air Released Today

An exciting new audio adventure featuring David as the Doctor has been released on CD today. Dead Air is an exclusive story and an be ordered online in our shop here . `Hello, I'm the Doctor. And, if you can hear this, then one of us is going to die.' At the bottom of the sea, in the wreck of a floating radio station, a lost recording has been discovered. After careful restoration, it is played for the first time - to reveal something incredible. It is the voice of the Doctor, broadcasting from Radio Bravo in 1966. He has travelled to Earth in search of the Hush - a terrible weapon that kills, silences and devours anything that makes noise - and has tracked it to a boat crewed by a team of pirate DJs. With the help of feisty Liverpudlian Layla and some groovy pop music, he must trap the Hush and destroy it - before it can escape and destroy the world... Written specially for audio by James Goss and read by David Tennant, Dead Air features the Doctor as played by David Tenna

David's First Acting Job

Thanks to Bex Walker for this video of David's first acting job.

Pink Paper Awards

David has won the Best Actor title in this year's Pink Paper Awards. Doctor Who also fared well coming second in the Best TV Show category. You can see all the results here .


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