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Doctor Who Magazine Digital Edition Is Launched

Doctor Who Magazine is now available to buy worldwide in digital form through an iTunes app. New editions along with a number of back issues can be purchased through the app which is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The magazine will, of course, continue to exist in its paper form as well. 

The magazine's editor Tom Spilsbury told Doctor Who Online "We're delighted to bring DWM to a digital audience. The magazine continues to grow its sales, so this will help us expand our audience further.
Fear not, though, if you prefer to read the physical magazine - this is designed to complement the physical version, not to replace it. We're sure that the digital version of DWM will help readers all over the world keep up to date with the latest adventures of the Doctor.  We're hoping to put up a year's worth of back issues in the first instance. If it proves popular, we may go back further.”
Click here to download the app - check your regional store for prices and subsc…

Happy Hallowe'en: The Doctor And The Witch

It wouldn't be Hallowe'en without a visit from your friendly neighbourhood witch - in this case a member of the ancient alien race, the Carrionites.

In a scene from The Shakespeare Code, the Doctor has a painful encounter with Lilith.

David Tennant Meets English Literature Students At The RSC

A group of A-Level English Literature students from Birmingham had an extra bonus to their school trip to see Richard II last week when they got to take part in a Q&A session with the play's star, David Tennant.

The students were greeted on arrival by Owen Horsley, the assistant director. After the performance, David Tennant came to meet them and to answer their questions about the play. 

Olly Macnamee, the team leader for English and Media at SmallHeathSchool, said: 'It was a memorable night and one I know they will remember for years to come. The RSC couldn't have been more accommodating.'
The trip was enabled by the corporate support of Birmingham Airport through the RSC's Credits for the Community scheme, which met the cost of the tickets. Andy Holding, community affairs manager at BirminghamAirport said: 'We were delighted with the way the RSC looked after the students, from the pre-performance brief to the having them on stage afterwards. And, of course,…

Happy Hallowe'en: Hamlet Meets His Father's Ghost

Another eerie clip for Hallowe'en.

From the 2009 film of Hamlet: The Prince (David Tennant) meets the spirit of his murdered father (Patrick Stewart).

Happy Hallowe'en: The Doctor's Eight-Legged Foe

Happy Spook Day!

Here's the latest in our series of clips with the most tenuous of links to Hallowe'en.

At the climax to The Runaway Bride  the Doctor gives us the answer to that burning question: What exactly do you do if you discover a huge spider in your secret underground lair? Wash it down the plughole, of course!

The Escape Artist - Press Review Round Up

The first episode of David Tennant's new BBC One thriller, The Escape Artist, premiered on Tuesday night.
The show was a ratings hit with 5 million viewers tuning in and twitter swamped with comments as the tense drama unfolded.
The press reaction has also been good and we've collected a selection of reviews of the episode for you to catch up on:

Christopher Stevens of The Daily Mail gave the episode an impressive 4 stars out of 5 saying:
"The sheer quality of acting drew us into a superior legal thriller that got creepier and creepier until it threatened to spill over into gothic melodrama."

Ed Potton In The Times gave the show 3 stars: 
"There was an enjoyable inevitability to the opening episode of this thriller by David Wolstencroft, the creator of Spooks. We just knew that Will Burton (David Tennant) would see his shiny life — hot-shot career as a defence barrister, cheeky wife (Ashley Jensen from Extras), apple-cheeked son — crumble like a flapjack in a hurrican…

Happy Hallowe'en: David Tennant In Fright Night "Don't Expect Me To Join Your Scooby Gang"

Happy Hallowe'en!

To keep the scare level up on the spookiest of days, here's a clip of David Tennant as Peter Vincent in the 2011 film Fright Night

Whether you're out trick or treating, partying or just snuggling up at home with a scary movie, have fun tonight.

Fan Reaction: The Escape Artist Episode 1

On 29th October the first episode of The Escape Artist aired on BBC One.

We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here.

About the episode:
Will Burton, a talented junior barrister of peerless intellect and winning charm, specialises in spiriting people out of tight legal corners, hence his nickname - The Escape Artist. Much to the aggravation of his courtroom rival, Maggie Gardner, Will is in high demand, as he has never lost a case. But when Will’s talents acquit Liam Foyle, who is standing trial for an horrific and high-profile murder, that courtroom brilliance comes back to bite him. Foyle walks free, but he is a serial killer. It’s only a matter of time until he finds his next victim. And, sure enough, he kills again.

Here's a selection of some of your comments: Estelle EvesBrilliant, but don't ever want to …


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