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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - We Talk To David Tennant - 2006 are proud to bring you this exclusive interview with David Tennant. How did you feel when you read that Tom Baker and the other Doctors think that you will be fantastic in the role? I was very flattered and slightly overwhelmed, it was very nice of them. I don't actually know any of them but it was very nice of them, it's obviously better than them saying the opposite. It must have been so strange on the set of Doctor Who for the first time, with the TARDIS and the Cybermen and all the other Doctor Who icons. Where you really nervous on your first day? I was terrified! I had so much nervous energy. Starting any job is nerve wracking. I had a photo shoot with Billie and I had to stand there looking like I'd done it for it ages. By the end of the first day I was totally exhausted. David and Billie have a laugh on the Doctor Who set You seem to get on really well with Billie Piper. Does that help with the on screen chemistry between the Doctor an

INTERVIEW: My Time Lord Is Now

Source: Telegraph Magazine 8th April 2006

INTERVIEW: What's Up Doc?



There’s a new Doctor in the house – but what’s he doing with Queen Victoria? Ahead of the new series materialising this Saturday, we went behind the scenes for a glimpse at the future. By Peter Ross IMAGINE, if you will, that you can travel through time. Instead of witnessing the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah or visiting a hideous future where King Pete and Queen Kate are celebrating their golden jubilee, let’s go back just a little, to October 6, 2005. The place: a narrow corridor in a television studio in Wales. A red light above the door ahead blinks off, and a man walks through. He’s dressed as a Scottish soldier from the Victorian era, and while kindly holding the door open for me, is checking the messages on his mobile phone. Such anachronisms go with the territory when you are filming Doctor Who. This TV studio in Cardiff is the crucible from which the series emerged in March 2005 after a nine-year hiatus. Starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, and reworked by

INTERVIEW: Regenration X

As Casanova he donned flouncy blouses and as Dr Who he gads about the cosmos in Converse trainers, but what does actor David Tennant like to wear? Hadley Freeman finds out 'Hi, I'm David-in-my-pants," says the very boyish, handsome 34-year-old striding towards me, arm extended, wearing, as promised, his underpants. Perhaps the train journey from London to Cardiff was worth it after all."I just don't have the courage of my convictions about my fashion decisions - I think I need some guidance there," he adds in his charming Scottish accent, his eyes all characteristically puppyish and pleading. Yes, the trip is definitely worth it so far. This fashion insecurity is a bit surprising, though, seeing as it comes from David Tennant, the tenth and latest Dr Who (he's in Cardiff filming the new series) and, according to the Pink Paper, "the sexiest man in the universe". (Tennant claimed, sweetly, that he was "somewhat surprised" by th

INTERVIEW: David Tennant & Billie Piper's Press Launch Q&A - 2006

David, what's it like being the new guy? David: Do you know... the worst bit of that was before we started, all the hoo-ha that comes with this show. The fact that everyone is so fascinated by it. Obviously that partly makes it the most wonderful job in the world but it also makes it the most terrifying job in the world. When I finished my first day of filming I remember going home to collapse because of the amount of nervous energy that had been building up in the months previous to getting going. I suppose it could have been awful but I've been so welcomed by this extraordinary crew. Billie: It's been quite plain sailing for you! David: It really has! Were you tempted to keep your Scottish accent for the part? David: Well I think because Christopher brilliantly used his Northern accent I think Russell didn't want to do a kind of touring the regions thing. So when Russell first approached me to about it he said this is how we're thinking of doing it and I'


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