The BFI Announce The Doctor As The Best Sci-Fi Character Ever

The Doctor has emerged as the Best Sci-Fi Character of All Time, according to a poll conducted by the British Film Institute.

Since August, the BFI have been asking fans to cast their vote to determine the Top 100 most popular characters from the genre and Doctor Who's lead character The Doctor, currently played by Peter Capaldi, came out top. The 51 year old series has seen a dozen actors, including David Tennant, taking on the role, and a further incarnation of the Time Lord (though he chose not to take the name of The Doctor) was introduced in the 50th Anniversary special. The iconic series, revolving around a renegade Gallifreyan and his stolen ship, the TARDIS, has seen countless travelling companions, friends, foes, figures from history and alien worlds and has millions of fans around the world.

But it wasn't an easy contest for The Doctor, the BFI report, as Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley of the Alien series of films came a very close second, with just over 100 votes separating the Time Lord from the outer space warrior.

The list also includes characters from Star Wars, Star Trek and Red Dwarf among others, and The Doctor wasn't the only character from the Whoniverse to make an appearance in the top 100:

13. Captain Jack Harkness 
19. Ianto Jones 
31. The Daleks 
44. Rose Tyler
46. Donna Noble
65. Sarah Jane Smith 
69. Amy Pond 
74. River Song / Melody Pond
88. Gwen Cooper
91. The Master 

Check out the full Top 100 here