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Fright Night Empire Interview

The above article is featured in the latest issue of Empire (June 2011) which is out now priced at £3.99.

The Telegrah Preview The Gobetweenies

The Telegraph have previewed David's new Radio 4 comedy The Gobetweenies: David Tennant plays Joe, father of ten year old Tom and teenage Lucy. He's no longer married to Mimi (Sarah Alexander.) She's on marriage 3 now but both parents try hard to keep the ties that, naturally, will bind them all at least until the two children have finished school. So there's lots of driving around, talking on mobile phones, picking up and bringing back, trying not to contradict each other. But it's all very wearing so Joe has a bright idea. Is is practical? This comedy by Marcella Evaristi shows every sign of being neatly drawn from life. Episode 1 of The Gobetweenies will air on Friday 6th May 2011 at 11:30am

Guest Blogger: My David Tennant Sculpture

We're introducing a bit of a new feature to the blog section of the site with guest bloggers getting the chance to write an article. Our first guest blogger is the artist George Mark: Hi there folks I am a sculptor living and working in the West of Scotland I specialise in portrait sculpture and am commissioned to to do different pieces of work from all over, recent work has included a commission to sculpt the late John Smith and last week along with the Arch Bishop Mario Conti handed over a bust of Pope Benedict to a local business man who won it at auction for £3500 My most enjoyable work is when I am free to sculpt my own favourite people, I have recently sculpted Micheal Buble, Bob Marley, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, and of course David Tennant as Doctor Who! I am a big Doctor Who fan and ca

Blog Review: Kafka The Musical

Kafka The Musical reviewed for by Jude Burke It’s fair to say that, if I were hunting around for a subject for a musical, the life of Czech writer Franz Kafka, author of the disturbing ‘Metamorphosis’, probably wouldn’t be at the top of my list. Hopelessness, alienation and death at the age of 40 from TB don’t exactly fit with the glitz and glamourof musicals, after all. But that didn’t put off writer (and Dr Who composer) Murray Gold, who hassucceeded in creating an entertaining and touching – if somewhat confusing – drama from this most unlikelysubject matter. ‘Kafka: The Musical’ begins with Kafka (played by DT) waking up from uneasy dreams one morning to find, not that he has been transformed into a gigantic insect, but that his life has been turned into a musical.His father, keen to see Kafka do some real work andfinally earn a living, has convinced local showbiz producer Herr Grossman to work with Kafka on a new show. But when he goes to Grossman’s offices,

BBC Four Twenty Twelve Marathon

BBC Four are to repeat all six episodes of Twenty Twelve, a mockumentary about the team organising the London Olympics, which featured David's vocal talents as the narrator on 8th May from 12:20am. 8th May Episode 1 - 12:20am - BBC Four Episode 2 - 12:50am - BBC Four Episode 3 - 1:20am - BBC Four Episode 4 - 1:50am - BBC Four Episode 5 - 2:20am - BBC Four Episode 6 - 2:50am - BBC Four

Download Kafka The Musical

If you missed David in Kafka The Musical on Radio 3 last night you can download an MP3 file here .

Munich air crash drama captivates 3.2m

A lavish new BBC drama about the aftermath of Manchester United's tragic Munich air disaster was seen by 3.2m on Sunday evening, the latest audience data has revealed. United, starring Jack O'Connell, David Tennant and Dougray Scott, averaged 2.89m (12.8%) for BBC Two between 9pm and 10.30pm, while 346k (1.5%) tuned in on the BBC HD channel. Channel 4's The Hotel, a new docusoap from the makers of One Born Every Minute, continued with 1.39m (6.1%) in the 8pm hour, down 650k on the previous week's debut episode. A further 219k (1.9%) watched the show on +1.On BBC One, Britain's Royal Weddings, a two-part mini-series presented by Sophie Raworth, concluded with 3.45m (14.6%) in the 9pm hour. It was preceded on the channel by Antiques Roadshow, which had 4.74m (20.7%). However, detective drama Lewis once more owned primetime, pulling in 5.66m (24.2%) on ITV1 between 8pm and 10pm, along with 240k (1.1%) on ITV1+1. Countryfile grabbed 4.78m (25.1%) on BBC One in the

United Screen Caps

We've added some screen caps from United to the gallery here . You can download them all as one file, share them on facebook etc all directly from the gallery.

CBBC To Air The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

CBBC will be showing David's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures as part of it's 'Royal Wedding Day' special. It will air on Friday 29th April at 9am and on Monday 2nd May at 11:20am. You can also catch up with Lis' return to Doctor Who in School Reunion which Watch will be airing tomorrow at 12:55pm. Find out more about the episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures that David and Lis worked on together here: School Reunion The Stolen Earth Journey's End The End Of Time: Part Two The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

United: Filming the story of the Busby Babes and the Munich air crash - video

Barney Ronay visits the set of United, a BBC film telling the true story of Manchester United and the 1958 Munich air disaster in which 23 people died. Stars David Tennant, Dougray Scott and director James Strong talk about bringing one the most famous British football stories to the screen. United will be broadcast at 9pm on Sunday 24 April on BBC2 Source: The Guardian .

The Telegraph's Critic's Choice: United

CRITIC’S CHOICE: United BBC Two, 9.00pm Dramas about sport are often disappointing affairs: lacking in proper detail, hammily acted, and with a deathly predictable narrative arc in which a troubled team overcomes the odds to win the cup/medal/race in a shower of ticker tape glory. Once in a while, though, a real contender comes along which manages to leave the clichés behind and capture the essence of a sport – hard graft, beauty, tragedy and all. United, written by Chris Chibnall, is just such a film. It tells the story of the young, seemingly unstoppable Manchester United team of the late 1950s – known as the “Busby Babes” after the club’s then manager, Matt Busby – eight of whom were killed in a horrific air crash in Munich in February 1958. This is hardly unfamiliar territory, but Chibnall has approached it from a brilliant new angle. His innovation is to frame the story around Bobby Charlton (Jack O’Connell), who made the first team in 1956, emerged from the crash alive, and retur

United: BBC Press Office Interview

David talks to the BBC Press Office about his latest role: What attracted you to United? I've worked with James Strong (director) and Chris Chibnall (writer) several times before and James sent me the script. I knew it would be worth reading because it came from him. I'm not a football expert but I was completely bowled over by the incredible story and journey that Manchester United went on. I thought that if it had grabbed and moved me as much as that, then clearly the story must be universal, worth telling and something I wanted to be part of. What is United about? The film is about all sorts of things because what happened is so extraordinary. On a very basic level it's a true story but it also looks at the arbitrary nature of fate, the capriciousness of life and the triumph of the human spirit. The film deals with how we pull ourselves together after tragedy, because people cope with grief in so many different ways. We're telling an utterly compelling and dram

United In The Press

David's new drama United airs on BBC Two tonight at 9pm, below are some articles from the recent TV listings magazines. Source: TV & Satellite Week 23-29 April Source: Radio Times 23-29 April

Kafka The Musical Radio Times Review

Kafka The Musical will air on BBC Radio 3 tonight from 8:00pm.

David & Catherine On The Graham Norton Show

David and Catherine appeared on The Graham Norton Show on 15th April 2011 to chat about their new play Much Ado About Nothing.

United Preview Videos

United airs tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

My Sarah Jane


Watch David On Football Focus


The Gobetweenies

David will be starring in a brand new show, The Gobetweenies, on Radio 4 from next month. The BBC Press Office says: David Tennant and Sarah Alexander star as multi-married exes in a shared parenting comedy, written by Marcella Evaristi and directed by Marilyn Imrie. The Gobetweenies is a candid look at contemporary family through the prism of two North London siblings, Lucy and Tom, as they schlep between their determinedly hands-on parents. Joe can't take being a "once a fortnight" dad. Lucy is excited about exploring surrealism, Tom is obsessively counting sultanas and their mum, Mimi, is desperate for her third attempt at married life to get started. But the children's father, Joe, has come to a decision that will change all their lives. David Tennant plays Joe, Sarah Alexander plays Mimi, Finlay Christie plays Tom, Phoebe Abbott plays Lucy and Stuart Milligan plays Harry. Producer/Gordon Kennedy for Absolutely Productions The first episode will broadcast

Site Updates

Apologies for the recent lack of updates. Unfortunately due to very sad personal reasons Sarah has been unable to work on the site and so I have decided to take over the helm until she is ready to return to the site. I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing her all the best and I really hope she's back soon as it's not the same without her! As you can see we have a bit of a new look. I hope you all like it. It's 6 years since we started out and as DT turned 40 this month too we thought it warranted a spring clean! I'll be updating the site with stuff we've missed over the next couple of weeks as well as keeping you up to date on all the latest news. We've also got a few new people who will be submitting news, reviews etc to the blog. If you'd like to help out with content maybe you're a great artist? Love writing? Whatever get in touch and let us know and you could be published on the blog :) Don't forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pa

Tribute To Lis Sladen

As you will no doubt have heard Elisabeth Sladen very sadly passed away on Tuesday morning. The BBC have announced that they will be showing a tribute to her on Saturday 23rd April at 6.45pm on CBBC. The Official Doctor Who site says: "Elisabeth Sladen created one of Doctor Who's best loved and most enduring characters, Sarah Jane Smith. For over 35 years she brought the feisty, compassionate journalist to life, creating a figure that was adored by audiences of all ages - truly a heroine whose appeal had no boundaries. This 15 minute programme is both a tribute and a celebration of Elisabeth Sladen. It brings together stories from friends and colleagues and draws on a rich archive of material to remind us of Sarah Jane's journey, from companion to the Third Doctor to the central character in CBBC's award-winning The Sarah Jane Adventures. Produced by Gillane Seaborne and Brian Minchin, My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen is on CBBC on Saturday, at 6.45pm, st

David On BBC Breakfast To Chat About United



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