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INTERVIEW: David Tennant Talks United

What attracted you to United?
I've worked with James Strong (director) and Chris Chibnall (writer) several times before and James sent me the script. I knew it would be worth reading because it came from him. I'm not a football expert but I was completely bowled over by the incredible story and journey that Manchester United went on. I thought that if it had grabbed and moved me as much as that, then clearly the story must be universal, worth telling and something I wanted to be part of.
What is United about?
The film is about all sorts of things because what happened is so extraordinary. On a very basic level it's a true story but it also looks at the arbitrary nature of fate, the capriciousness of life and the triumph of the human spirit. The film deals with how we pull ourselves together after tragedy, because people cope with grief in so many different ways. We're telling an utterly compelling and dramatic story as it happened. As I started to research this, I realise…

The Decoy Bride: US Theatrical and Cable Dates

It seems that American audiences will get a chance to view David Tennant's romantic comedy The Decoy Bride after all as US cable provider IFC has indicated that the film will be available on demand through its cable service from 3rd February 2012. The promotional poster also advertises the film's arrival in US cinemas on 9th March 2012. Admittedly there is little other information on the IFC website at present, but it is possible to check availability of the service in your area.

UK audiences have also been given a cinematic release date of 9th March 2012, with the DVD following shortly after on the 12th March. You can pre-order the Region 2 release of the film through our shop.

Love Life Synopsis And New Picture

Working Title TV have a page on new BBC drama Love Life which is due to be show sometime in Spring 2012. The page has a brief synopsis of each of the five episodes and some new pictures. David Tennant stars as Nick in the first episode.

View the page here

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Podcast

BBC Radio have chosen their Boxing Day production of the Pied Piper Of Hamelin, narrated by David Tennant to be their Play Of The Week. The weekly selection is available for download for the next seven days.

Download the production and subscribe to future Play Of The Week podcasts here.

Earthflight On BBC1 Tonight

Just a quick reminder that Earthflight, the brand new wildlife documentary series from the BBC has its first showing on BBC1 at 8pm tonight. The series is narrated by David Tennant and is made by John Downer Productions, the company also behind Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice and Swarm: Nature's Incredible Invasions.

Both the Telegraph and the Mirror have preview features on the series today, while the Guardian explores the series in pictures.

Earthflight is due to be released on DVD and region-free Blu-ray on 5th March 2012 and can be pre-ordered through our store.

Nerdist Year In Review on iTunes

The BBC America show The Nerdist Year In Review, including Chris Hardwick's interview with David Tennant is now available to purchase via iTunes. Please note that this link has not been tested for buyers outside of the USA.

However, as we reported previously, Chris Hardwick has made the full, unedited version of his chat with David available as a podcast from the Nerdist website. The conversation lasts over an hour and can be downloaded for free.

Love Life Among The 'Hottest Shows Of 2012'

As 2011 draws to a close, Digital Spy have already looked ahead and compiled a list of their 20 most hotly anticipated TV programmes of the coming year from both sides of the Atlantic. Number 18 on their list is Love Life, the semi-improvised Dominic Savage drama which stars David Tennant along with a veriatable Who's Who of British acting talent, including David Morrissey, Vicky McClure, Billie Piper, Jane Horrocks and Ashley Walters. David features in the first of the five interlocking stories set in the English seaside town of Margate which explore love in the modern age, placing the protagonists at the heart of a moral dilemma. It is expected to be shown early in 2012.

Check out the Digital Spy page here

One Difference Christmas Campaign Extended

The Challenge is ongoing! The One Difference Christmas Campaign has now been extended till the 12th January 2012.

As we reported last week, a trustee of the One Foundation has pledged to fund a meal for a child in Malawi for every new Facebook like or Twitter follow received on the charity pages over the Christmas period. A new statement by the charity reads:

Wow! Father Christmas has agreed to extend the One fan = One Child's meal in Malawi until the end of Christmas, so please continue to share, become a fan or follow us on twitter @onedifference until 12th night. We'd love to reach our target of 100k childrens meals, but the thousands we have already achieved is brilliant. Thanks for everyone's help and support so far, have a great Christmas and New Year and let's see how many more kids we can feed. Do One Good Thing this holiday season! Support the campaign by following @onedifference on Twitter or liking the Facebook page.

It's Christmas!

Seasons Greetings to all of our readers and supporters. Have a great day!

Nerdist TV Year In Review Airs Tonight

As we posted previously, David Tennant was interviewed by Chris Hardwick of Nerdist fame to feature in the Nerdist TV Year In Review TV Special which airs tonight on BBC America.

In addition, Chris has stated that he will post the full chat with David from the show on the Nerdist podcast shortly after the show airs.

The TV show can be seen on BBC America this evening at 9 / 8 c and is repeated in the early hours of Christmas morning at 1.30 / 12.30am c

Read the full Nerdist blog post here

Listen to the podcast here

New Dreamworks Pictures

A couple of new pictures of David Tennant have appeared online. It is believed that the photos were taken by Dreamworks in 2010 to promote Fright Night, but so far only a few of them have been seen in the interview with David published in Toronto Now magazine.

Earthflight Preview Clips

The BBC have released some clips from their brand new wildlife documentary series Earthflight, narrated by David Tennant. The series from John Downer Productions features extraordinary footage of birds in flight, shot from the air. The first clip shows migrating Snow Geese on the approach to New York, while a second is a pelican's eye view of rays as they leap out of the water in their own version of flight.

A third clip is not narrated by David Tennant but shows filming over London

Earthflight begins its run of six programmes on BBC1 on Thursday 29th December at 8pm

One Difference Christmas Campaign

To celebrate the launch of One Clever Loaf, a Trustee of the One Foundation has issued a challenge:  To fund meals for 100,000 children in Malawi over the Christmas period. A statement from the charity reads:

For every new like @onedifference or new twitter follower before Christmas, a Trustee of The One Foundation has agreed to fund a meal for a child in Malawi. We’re aiming to feed 100,000 children, so please help us spread the word. Simply like @onedifference, one click makes all the difference.
For more information see the
One Difference Facebook page.

We give 100% of the profit made from the sale of One products to fund ‘like-for-like’ projects in rural Africa. Find out more at

Thank you for doing one good thing.

Listen To David Chatting About 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again'

The Guardian newspaper have today released an audioclip of David Tennant in converation with Lucy Fleming, niece of Ian Fleming, the creator of the magical flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. David's latest audiobook release is a recording of the first authorised sequel to the classic children's tale, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. David was asked by the Fleming family to give voice to the book.

In the interview, David prraises the well-rounded characters created by Boyce and describes the story as ‘very clever, slightly surreal and hugely readable'. He also talks about his memories of the original story and the film, his own past cars and hints that Boyce has peppered the tale with a few nods towards James Bond, Ian Fleming's other infamous creation.

You can listen to the clip via the Guardian's online Books page. The full interview will be available with the audiobook which is now available though and iTunes.

New David Tennant Audiobook Release

David Tennant's newest audiobook recording, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, is now available to download. David recorded the adventure story written by Millions author Frank Cottrell Boyce only a few weeks ago, but the publishers, Macmillan Digital Audio have released the title just in time for Christmas.

The publishers say of the story:
The first ever sequel to Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, written by bestselling author Frank Cottrell Boyce and endorsed by the Fleming family.
When the Tooting family find a vast abandoned engine and fit it to their camper van, they have no idea of the adventure that lies ahead. The engine used to belong to an extraordinary flying car - and it wants to be back on the road again . . . fast! The Tootings can haul on the steering wheel and pull the handbrake as hard as they like, but their camper van now has a mind of her own. It's not long before they're hurtling along on a turbocharged chase as Chitty tracks down her long-lo…

Time Out Magazine's Much Ado About Nothing Offer

To celebrate the release last week of David Tennant and Catherine Tate's sensational West End hit Much Ado About Nothing by Digital Theatre, Time Out magazine are offering readers a 20% discount when they buy the download. All that is necessary is to purchase the play as a full download (standard or HD) or a rental from the Digital Theatre site here, and then enter the code TIMEOUT when completing the purchase.

For full details of the offer and to view a couple of exclusive clips from the production, check out the Time Out London webpage

The offer runs until the 31st December

New Year Doctor Who Marathon on Watch TV

UK and Ireland cable and satellite channel Watch are running a marathon broadcast of David Tennant's fourth Doctor Who series and the specials over New Years Eve and New Years Day. The schedule runs as follows:

Saturday 31st December

7.30am S4 E1 Partners In Crime

8.30am S4 E2 The Fires Of Pompeii

9.30am S4 E3  Planet of the Ood

10.30am S4 E4 The Sontaran Stratagem

11.30am S4 E5 The Poison Sky

12.30pm S4 E6 The Doctor's Daughter

1.30pm S4 E7 The Unicorn and The Wasp

2.30pm S4 E8 Silence In The Library

3.30pm S4 E9 Forest Of The Dead

4.30pm S4 E10 Midnight

5.30pm S4 E11 Turn Left

Sunday 1st January

6.30am S4 E7 The Unicorn and The Wasp

7.15am S4 E8 Silence In The Library

8.10am S4 E9 Forest Of The Dead

9.10am S4 E10 Midnight

10.10am S4 E11 Turn Left

11.10am S4 E12 The Stolen Earth

12.10pm S4 E13 Journey's End

1.30pm Planet Of The Dead

2.50pm The Waters Of Mars

4.15pm The End Of Time: Part 1

5.35pm The End Of Time: Part 2

All programmes are available to view one hour later on …

Catherine Tate: Laughing At The Noughties

As previously reported David will be featured on Catherine Tate: Laughing At The Noughties tonight on Channel 4 10:00pm and 4HD, it's repeated on 4+1 at 11:00pm.
The show is a Radio Times Pick Of The Day. They say:
British comedy threw many unusual shapes between 2000 and 2009. Catherine Tate’s longform survey of the hits of the decade is hefty enough to stick with. A selection of great clips is punctuated by Tate interviewing — in the loosest possible sense — people like David Walliams, Rob Brydon, Noel Fielding and Alan Carr about what made their shows fly. And Tate’s former Doctor Who co-star David Tennant quizzes Tate about her own comic creations.

The Nerdist: Year In Review Trailer

As we previously reported David Tennant will be a guest on BBC America's The Nerdist: Year In Review on Christmas Eve. BBC America have uploaded the above trailer and there's a quick glimpse of David on there.
BBC America say:
Celebrate all things Nerdy, Geeky and all-out Dweeb-y from 2011 with the launch trailer for the all new Original Special THE NERDIST: YEAR IN REVIEW *** Premiering Saturday Dec 24 at 9/8c*** immediately following DOCTOR WHO: BEST OF THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS at 8/7c, only on BBC America.

The Nerdist: Year In Review is the first of BBC America's five all new Nerdist Specials based on comedian, writer, Doctor Who fan and web pundit Chris Hardwick's immensely popular Nerdist podcast, the Internet's Top Ranked Podcast.

This Christmas Eve Special is a one-hour year-end review where Hardwick and his team of nerd experts review the best of the U.S. and the UK's top nerd moments, gadgets and superheroes of 2011, and geek-tastic reviews of the year's…

David Tennant 2012 Calendar


Download A Night With A Vampire Audio

David recently read a series of vampire themed stories for Radio 4. We now have them available for you to download below:

Bewitched by Edith Wharton. Saul still goes out to see his previous girlfriend...even though she died years ago.

Drink My Blood
Drink My Blood by Richard Matheson is about a young schoolboy whose only ambition in life is to become a vampire.

The Girl With Hungry Eyes
The Girl With The Hungry Eyes by Fritz Lieber concentrates on the magnetic power of the vampire.

A Lot Of Mince Pies
A Lot Of Mince Pies by Robert Swindells focuses on a group of carol singers who visit the same cottage every year.

The Lady Of The House Of Love
The Lady Of The House Of Love by Angela Carter a virginal English soldier, travelling through Romania by bicycle, finds himself in a deserted village.

If you'd like to listen to some more vampire themed stories read by David visit our audio section here, where you'll find a huge collection David Tennant audio files!
Thanks to Lora Colver…

Doctor Who Costumes Sold At Auction

A number of costumes from Doctor Who were sold today at an auction of entertainment memorabilia at Bonhams in Knightsbridge. Among these were four outfits worn by David Tennant in the third series episodes Human Nature and Family Of Blood, where the Doctor was forced to hide out on Earth in human form.

The items sold, along with final selling prices were:

Lot 173 Three piece tweed suit, teacher’s cape and mortar board, along with a white shirt, bow tie and boots. Sold for £2125 Lot 174 Three piece blue / grey tweed suit and tie. Sold for £938 Lot 175 John Smith’s cream and blue striped pyjamas, slippers and brown checked dressing gown. Sold for £1125 Lot 176 A grey / brown overcoat, hat and scarf, along with the aged John Smith’s red pyjamas. Sold for £1250
For a look at all of the Doctor Who items up for sale, browse the Bonhams site here

GQ Best Dressed List 2012

It's time to vote for the most stylish British man of 2012. Naturally David Tennant is among those listed by and voting is open now.

For details about the poll click here. To vote click here. Results will be posted online and in the magazine in early February 2012.

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

David Tennant is narrating a BBC Radio 4 production of The Pied Piper Of Hamelin, adapted from the classic poem by Robert Browning. The production stars teenage actor Bertie Gilbert and features music by chorister Thomas Platts and the choir of Wingham School in Kent.

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin is broadcast on Boxing Day at 11.30am.

Much Ado About Nothing Available To Download From Digital Theatre

After a series of teasing tweets last night, Digital Theatre have made Much Ado About Nothing, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, available as a digital download from today (13th December).

The play is available as a rental download at £5.99, or to keep at £8.99, with a HD option at £10.99.
The trailer is available to view here, while the download can be purchased here. For more information check the official Digital Theatre press release below:

Digital Theatre announces William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing as its latest release available to watch online or download to the desktop, with pre-order available from today (13 December 2011) at and release on 13 December 2011. Starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Benedict and Beatrice, Josie Rourke’s award winning production of Much Ado About Nothing enjoyed a record breaking r…

The British Comedy Awards Nominations Are Announced

The nominations for the British Comedy Awards 2011 were announced earlier tonight, and a couple of David Tennant's projects are in the running for prizes.

Sky TV's This Is Jinsy, the surreal show created by Justin Chubb and Chris Bran, was nominated for Best Sketch Show. David played the ultra-camp plastic surgery addict Mr. Slightlyman in the first episode, Wedding Lottery.

Twenty Twelve, the spoof documentary series from the BBC focusing on the trials and tribulations of the British Olympics Deliverence Committee, received two nominations: Best New Comedy and Best Sitcom. Hugh Bonneville, who plays the head of the committee, Ian Fletcher, also picked up a nomination for Best Comedy Actor. David provided the voiceover for the series, which he apparently recorded down a digital phone from America while shooting Fright Night.

The British Comedy Awards 2011 will be broadcast live from Fountain Studios on Friday 16th December at 9pm on Channel 4. The host, as last year, will b…

David Narrates Shrek Documentary

David Tennant will be narrating Shrek: Once Upon A Time, a look back at the animated series of films centred on a green ogre. According to TV listings:

"David Tennant narrates a celebratory look at how an ogre with a Scottish accent single-handedly changed the face of animation. It features exclusive interviews with the creative geniuses behind the award-winning animation and the voices that brought the story to life, including Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Saunders and Shrek himself, Mike Myers."

The programme will air on BBC3 at 9pm on Friday 23rd December.

UK Cinema Date For Nativity 2

Nativity 2 is due to hit UK cinemas on November 23rd 2012.

David Tennant completed work on the film just over a week ago with final scenes shooting in Stratford-upon-Avon town centre (see above, with Joanna Page) and the Courtyard Theatre. The semi-improvised film also stars Joanna Page, Ben Wilby, Pam Ferris, Marc Wootton and Jason Watkins and was directed by Debbie Isitt.

Count down to the release date here

Video of David Tennant at the Beer And Cake Club

Absolute Radio have posted a clip of David Tennant on stage with Breakfast Show DJ Christian O'Connell at Monday night's Beer and Cake Club. Christian had previously played some audio clips on his show of David stumbling over his words and claimed he was drunk on just a couple of beers! The video clip shows David's disbelief at performing on stage after drinking.

Absolute have also uploaded a number of photos to their website - you can see them here

Single Father To Have North American TV Debut

David Tennant's four-part drama Single Father will have its debut broadcast in North America via Toronto-based channel TVO. The series will run as part of the channel's January season and will air on Sunday nights at 10pm ET starting on 8th January 2012.

In the past TVO have aired a number of imported British programmes uncut, including Doctor Who. Although Ontario-based it can be picked up in other provinces and in some of the North-Eastern states of the USA.

TVO can be found on the following channels:
Cable channel 2 (may vary in some areas)
Bell TV channel 265
TVO HD on Bell Fibe TV channel 1265
Rogers TVO HD channel 580
Rogers-On-Demand channel 100
Shaw Direct channel 353

For more details visit

Full details of the channel's January schedule are here

David Records A New Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Audiobook

David Tennant has added another title to his growing repertoire of audiobooks. Strathmore Publishing today announced that David had been working with them in the following tweet:

“David Tennant finished in our studio yesterday: brilliant reading of brilliant book CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG FLIES AGAIN “

The book by Frank Cottrell Boyce is a new story about the flying car created by the late Ian Fleming and forms the first part of a trilogy written with the full consent and support of Fleming's family. As yet, not details of a release date are available.

The webite for 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again' can be found here

Much Ado About Nothing DVD Removed From Sale

In a shock turnaround, the newly announced Much Ado About Nothing DVD has been pulled from the Amazon release schedule. Customers who placed a pre-order on the item received this email today:

We're writing about your order which contained the following:
 Much Ado About Nothing [DVD]

Unfortunately, we can't offer this title for sale as the manufacturer has decided not to release it in the UK at this time. As it's no longer being released by the manufacturer we've cancelled it from your order and you haven't been charged for it.

If you are still interested in receiving this item, we'd like to suggest that you sign up to this title to receive notification when it's confirmed as available to pre-order.

To use this service, simply enter your e-mail address in the "Alert Me" box on the right side of the product information page and click "Sign up".
Please note that signing up for notification doesn't reserve …

David at the Beer And Cake Club

David Tennant was the surprise guest at Absolute Radio DJ Christian O'Connell's live show, the Beer And Cake Club earlier this evening. David joined Christian and Breakfast Show regulars Maggie Doyle, Richie and Bails in front of a 400-strong audience at London's Leicester Square Theatre for an evening of jokes and music. Also on the bill was Carol Decker, performing with her band T'Pau.

Afterwards, Christian tweeted:
"So special guest tonight was David Tennant who was tipsy and on great form! Thanks to you if you gave up a night to come see us this year"

Maggie added:
"So much at #beersandcake8 the last for a while :( @caroldecker was amazing! And David Tennant was our secret special guest. That's Showbiz!"

The Absolute Radio Facebook page rounded off the night by saying that clips from the show would be played on the Breakfast Show in the morning.

Much Ado About Nothing Are Big Winners In BWW UK Awards

Hot on the heels of the news that Much Ado About Nothing is to have its hotly anticipated DVD release, it is revealed today that the play scooped no less than seven  BroadwayWorld UK 2011 Awards! The awards, which were announced today, were voted on by tens of thousands of theatregoers. David Tennant and Catherine Tate were honoured for the roles of Benedick and Beatrice respectively, while director Josie Rourke and rising star Tom Bateman (Claudio) were also recognised.

The seven awards for Much Ado About Nothing are:

Best Direction of a Play - Josie Rourke

Best Featured Actor in a Play - Tom Bateman

Best Leading Actor in a Play - David Tennant

Best Leading Actress in a Play -  Catherine Tate

Best Play - Josie Rourke

Best Revival of a Play - Wyndham's - Much Ado About Nothing

Best Scenic Design - Robert Jones

For more details and a full list of winners visit the site here

Much Ado About Nothing DVD Release

At last the news that everyone has all been waiting for: Much Ado About Nothing is to be released on DVD.

The play, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate was the theatre sensation of the summer for many. It was taped by Digital Theatre during the last week of its run at Wyndham's Theatre and since then there has been much speculation about whether it would eventually appear as a digital download or as a DVD. David hinted the latter to fans at the Entertainment Media Show in October.

The Region 2 DVD will be released by 2entertain on the 6th February 2012. Pre-orders can be placed here.

David Tennant Talks Christmas on CBBC's Newsround

David Tennant appeared briefly on CBBC’s chidren’s news magazine show Newsround earlier today. In a short interview he answered questions about what he liked about Christmas (the great TV), his best ever present (it was an Astro Wars game) and Christmas dinner (he loves the full works). David also mentioned that his favourite Christmas song is ‘White Wine In The Sun’ by Tim Minchin.

The interview was recorded by Newsround presenter Joe Tidy, who spent a day on the Nativity 2 set in Stratford-upon-Avon about two weeks ago. Interviews about the making of the film are not due to be shown on Newsround until November 2012.

Tim Minchin earlier announced that any proceeds from sales of
'White Wine In The Sun' over the Christmas period will go to benefit the National Autistic Society. It can be purchased from iTunes here.

David Tennant To Guest On The Nerdist TV Special

David Tennant has been confirmed as a guest on the next Nerdist TV Special hosted by Chris Hardwick on BBC America.

Rumours of his appearance surfaced yesterday when an audience member at the Nerdist Live Podcast even in Northampton, MA tweeted that Hardwick had told her personally that he would soon be flying to the UK to interview David for the show.  Hardwick has now confirmed the appearance via his Twitter feed (@nerdist) and on his website here. Whether David's interview will be recorded or whether he will be a live guest is still not stated. However, Hardwick is well known as a Doctor Who fan and Matt Smith appeared on his last Nerdist TV Special. Other confirmed guests for the new show which tapes on Sunday 4th December are Nathan Fillion, Kumail Nanjiani, Wil Wheaton and Simon Pegg.

The show will be broadcast on BBC America on Christmas Eve at 9pm Eastern time / 8pm Central, although check local cable listings.

Vote For David and Much Ado About Nothing in the What's On Stage Awards

David Tennant, Josie Rourke and Much Ado About Nothing have all been shortlisted in the What's On Stage Theatregoers' Awards. Members of the public have been nominating their theatrical favourites since the start of November, and the finalists were announced this afternoon at a party at the Cafe de Paris in London's West End. Much Ado About Nothing was shortlisted in four categories:

Best Actor in a Play - David Tennant – Much Ado About Nothing at Wyndham’sBest Shakespearean Production - Much Ado About Nothing – at Wyndham’sThe OAKLEY CAPITAL Best Director - Josie Rourke – Much Ado About Nothing at Wyndham’sThe AKA Theatre Event of the Year - David Tennant & Catherine Tate reuniting on stage in Much Ado About NothingCatherine Tate may have missed out on a nomination for her role as Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, but you can still vote for her as Best Supporting Actress for Season's Greetings at the National.

Voting opened this aftenoon and will continue until …

It's A Wrap For Nativity 2

Filming on Nativity 2 drew to a close last night with final scenes taking place in Stratford-upon-Avon. David Tennant and Joanna Page shot scenes in the town centre, outside a shoe shop that had been redressed as a children's clothes shop. They were also seen pushing a double buggy, implying that their characters, The Petersons, may be the parents of twins. 

Local man Nick Payne watched the filming for a while and posted some pictures to Twitter. You can see them below;
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Nativity 2 will be in cinemas for Christmas 2012

Carry David With You Wherever You Go!

Headway Essex have launched a new item in their range of David Tennant products, exclusive to their online shop and just in time for Christmas.

You can now purchase stylish tote bags featuring David's picture. Measuring 37 x 41 cm approximately, the bags are available in black and pink and cost just £12.48, including postage. Overseas fans can also purchase them through the store.

Buying these bags and other David Tennant-related product from the Headway Essex store ensures that the charity can continue to provide much needed support to individuals who have acquired a brain injury, and also to their families.

The bags are sure to be in big demand, so to make sure that you get your hands on one before Christmas, order now from the Headway Essex webshop here


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