Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Finale

Last night saw the expolsive finale of series one of Broadchurch air on ITV.
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied and all of you who have contributed your thoughts and theories throughout the series.

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A selection of your comments from Facebook:

  • Carla Quick Amazing! Great writing, great acting and I cried like a baby Lol.
  • Jules Carley First class television
  • Claire Anastasia Stokes OMG amazeballs!! cant wait for it to return, I have all the episodes on my V+ box might watch them all again see if there is any clues
  • Lys Jennings It was a good old fashioned British crime drama just brilliant x
  • Kaz Karen Grantham this has been totally heartbreaking but so true to real life and , hats off to the cast amazing job . A must watch for anyone u wont be dissapointed
  • Eileen O'Shea Loved it want more
  • Tracy McCann Loved it, cried, glad to see a thorough ending, not all wrapped up in 5 mins.
  • Pauline Payne The whole series has been fantastic. I loved how it centred around the personal lives and community reeling from the fall out rather than the horror of the actual act....wonderful writing and it is absolutely true that you could never ever possibly know what a person's heart or head truly feels.
  • Kelly Louise Gurr Bloody brilliant had tears in my eyes
  • Tina Russon-stirling absolutly brilliant best tv drama ever in a very long time
  • Teresa Molloy So sad but so glad David Tennant didn't die x
  • Laura Simpson Absolutely fantastic! I loved every second of the series and Olivia Colman and David Tennant were incredible! ! I'm so excited Broadchurch will be back!
  • Amanda Beeby OMG I did not see that coming what a twist now what am I going to watch on a monday night 
  • Christine Booth Brilliant all actors played a good part sat with tears rolling down my cheeks
  • Sue Wright Amazing telly... Very harrowing:( 
    Well done!!!
  • Mark Alford What a twist........bloody brilliant!!
  • Liz Hinchcliffe So didn't see that coming ( the reason why he killed him)great writing and acting.
  • Caroline Brandon Oh my god. I cried and cried. Thank you for an amazing seies
  • Anna Berry Sobbed! Brilliant to see the after effects, rather than ending on the reveal!
  • Shaquille Joel Has to be the best thing I have seen on tv this year so far, gunna take something unbelievable to beat it
  • Stephen Warfield A really interesting finish to an excellent series.
  • Clare Crane i watched the whole thing with my hand over my mouth! Even though I knew it was him and picked up on the foreshadowing of his motive when Miller asked Sue how could you not know? I still love watching it play out. Amazing storytelling, and acting. Top notch!
  • Lauren Elizabeth Eccles Brilliant!! Was a good storyline, kept me guessing, although I did guess right!! Can't wait for the return!! 
  • Kirsty Ward I'm really sad its over, such good acting and more realistic than most overdone police-chase-explosions-shoot 'em up cop dramas. So excited there's a new series!!
  • Sue Martin Each episode brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye...excellent emotion given out by the actors that made the whole story so realistic.
  • Stephanie Jayne Inspiring, touching, moving, acting was to a T , absolutely beautiful!
  • Dave Barber Pretend I'm not a bloke - I actually found some of tonight's finale more emotional than the previous episodes!!
  • Helen Daubeney Was waiting for a twist at the end. But fantastic program. Will miss it. What will we all have to talk about. I guessed right to but thought joe might have been covering for Tom xx can't wait for the next series xx
  • Amanda Penrose Loved it apart from the OTT ending with all the beacons being lit. Olivia was amazing as was David but I think she just pipped him in the acting this episode. This has been so gripping with fantastic acting,script and filming. I hope series two is just good.
  • Lindsey Bamford I thought I'd be gutted as figured the killer out ages ago but wasn't. I'd not figured out the reason and the aftermath was brilliant. Fab acting by everyone. Roll on series 2. I know David Tennants unlikely to be in it but I can hope....
  • Karen Cruickshanks Best series I've seen in a long time . Brilliant gripping stuff!
  • Karen McCullough Excellent drama, kept me guessing throughout.
  • Debbie Cunningham fantastic series, kept me guessing all the way to the end
  • Judith Weston Goodness. What I didn't expect was the detail in the aftermath. Utterly stunning drama with incredible performances-especially Tennant and Colman.
  • Lyndsey Smith Loved it all, shocked about why he killed him, but brilliant also loved that its not like other shows where it finishes as soon as the killer is known, loved the reactions after we found out, wonderfully done, well done
  • Claire Collins Amazing and so emotive. Was crying at the end, great how attached you became to the characters from the start. Very well done
  • Maria Lawrence Amazingly clever and tense drama!! It could have been anyone, but just enough subtle clues to guess who did it..I am proud to say I guessed right!! More of the same please!!
  • Jo Hollywood-Nunn Class drama looking forward to next series  need more of this type of TV on our screens and less talent shows and bloody cooking/food type programmes:).....
  • Joanna Czarinajosefimages Whittle Sas-Bilinska Absolutely bloody excellent from the first minute to the last. Brilliant scripting, top class acting. And not a clue until tonight.
  • Sarah-Jane Bell absolutely incredible drama moved me tears many of the episodes especially tonight and a killer no one seemed to see coming. Itv at its best and cannot wait for it to come back had us gripped from start to finish and moved us and mondays will not be the same without it. All i can say is Bravo itv Bravo All the cast and has to win awards it was incredible
  • Joel Kidd Olivia Colman should get an award for her acting! When she found out it was Joe... I couldn't name a single actor that would have done it better!
  • Colleen Savage Brilliant! Hope to see awards for David and Olivia. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Jean Holland A brilliant series from start to finish, with superb acting by the cast, loads of suspense and twists, leaving the viewers with a craving for more, MORE! MORE!
  • Patricia Mac Very emotional to be honest, exactly what great drama should be about. I liked the exploration of of the characters reactions following the arrest and announcement, everyone had a sense of grief at the end whether for the loss of a son, a marriage or a career. Though, here's hoping David Tennant will be back in the next Broadchurch and that his detective is back in good health!


  1. Surprised myself that I guessed it was Jo Miller in episode 4 when he was asked where he had come from. Don't know if it was meant to be a clue or I read something into it that wasn't there. I was glued to the TV for every episode and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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