Chris Chibnall On The Broadchurch Reaction

Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall says it’s been bonkers since Broadchurch began on ITV back in March. He told the Telegraph:

“I really didn’t expect it to take off on this scale. My parents rang to tell me that people in their GP’s surgery were asking them who the Broadchurch killer was. I overheard people discussing it on the bus. It’s been bonkers – wonderfully bewildering and very humbling.”

He didn’t even mind that so many people guessed the killer correctly, “I was pleased…It was never meant to be a big twist. If you watched the series carefully enough, you were supposed to be able to guess. Little clues were there all along… Things were hidden in plain sight.”

He also said of the exciting news that Broadchurch will be returning in 2014, “During the very first meeting I had with Peter Fincham [ITV’s director of television], I pitched the idea for Broadchurch and added with great bravado that if people liked it, there was another story we could do afterwards. Of course, I never thought for a moment that would happen. It will be a very different type of story, rather than chasing ratings or repeating what we’ve already done. It will be bold and surprise people. We’re in the background research stage at the moment.”

Chris says it is too early to say if stars David Tennant and Colman will be returning.

Read the full Telegraph interview here - WARNING - the article reveals the identity of the killer


  1. Oh Pleeease.... it will HAVE to have Tennant and Colman in it :)


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