Exclusive Toys R Us Tenth Doctor And Dalek Set

The first of the Toys R Us exclusive Doctor and Dalek figurine sets should be available to order from the 1st May with stock arriving in UK stores shortly afterwards. The first three sets released will be the Tenth, Second and Sixth Doctors. All sets include a Doctor action figure packaged with a Dalek action figure relevant to their era.

The Tenth Doctor set comprises of a Tenth Doctor figure packaged with a 'weathered' variant figure of a Crucible Dalek from The Stolen Earth.

Sets include the following:

1st Doctor with Dalek from The Dead Planet
2nd Doctor with Guard Dalek from Evil of The Daleks
3rd Doctor with Dalek from Planet of The Daleks
4th Doctor with Dalek from Destiny of The Daleks
5th Doctor with Dalek from Resurrection
6th Doctor with Dalek from Revelation
7th Doctor with Renegade Dalek from Remembrance of The Daleks
8th Doctor with Dalek Alpha from Children of the Revolution (Doctor Who Magazine comic adventure)
9th Doctor with Imperial Guard Dalek from Parting of the Ways
10th Doctor with Crucible Dalek
11th Doctor with Blue Strategist Dalek from Asylum of the Daleks

1 x Doctor Action Figure
1 x Dalek Action Figure

RRP £19.99

Order here from 1st May - Toys R Us UK deliver to the UK, Northern Ireland and Eire only.

At the moment there is no information on whether the sets will be available in other countries

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