Two David Tennant Dramas Are Radio Times Shows To Watch Next Week

Both of David Tennant's TV dramas showing next week are included in the Radio Times Shows To Watch This Week

The final episode of the thrilling murder mystery Broadchurch can be seen on Monday 22nd April on ITV, while the three part political drama The Politician's Husband begins on Thursday 25th April at 9pm.

The Radio Times say:


When's it on? Monday 22 April, 9:00pm, ITV

What is it? After eight long weeks of shady characters, tricksy plot twists and delightful bickering between David Tennant and Olivia Colman's weary cop duo, Danny's murderer is about to be unmasked. While Joe Miller has emerged as a clear favorite, his son Tom is also in the frame, as is Reverend Paul Coates (played by Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill). Even Tennant's DI Hardy is under suspicion, with bookies offering 20/1 on his secret murderous ways.

What Radio Times has to say...
Stop all the clocks and switch off your phone. It’s HERE! A nation of TV crime fiction fans, who have combed Broadchurch for clues, red herrings and tell-tale signs will be in delicious torment because this is the last episode, when the identity of Danny Latimer’s killer is revealed.
When I interviewed Broadchurch’s writer/creator Chris Chibnall he told me that, with episode one, “we were very much asking the audience to take our hands and trust us, because we know what we are doing.” That was several weeks ago, and tonight we find out if the devotion of roughly nine million viewers to one of the year’s biggest hits has been repaid.
Everyone has his or her suspect (and Broadchurch isn’t short of suspects, oh no) and will be waiting to find out if they can punch the air and yell “I told you so!”

The Politician's Husband

When is it on? Thursday 25 April, 9:00pm, BBC2

What is it? David Tennant goes from moody detective in Broadchurch to slick-haired politician Aiden Hoynes in The Politician's husband - a new drama from award-winning writer Paula Milne (who penned 1995's The Politician's Wife). After his political career stalls, Aiden's wife Freya (Emily Watson) gets her own taste of success, but will her political drive overshadow that of her husband? And how will the ensuing power struggle affect their marriage?

What Radio Times has to say...
Aiden Hoynes and Freya Gardner are the “golden couple of British politics” as Paula Milne’s drama opens. But Aiden (David Tennant with alarmingly fair hair) is about to torpedo his career with one rash move. He resigns from the Government in protest at his leader’s immigration policies, but it backfires on him spectacularly. Embittered and with far too much time on his hands, he hatches a plan, one that involves his wife, the clever Freya (Emily Watson). 
Anyone who enjoyed Milne’s fabulous The Politician’s Wife in 1995 will probably come to this expecting more of the same. But The Politician’s Husband is pompous and less melodramatic. Tennant and Watson are great (and sexy), but the dialogue clunks occasionally; no one would ever actually say the words “the cesspit of Westminster power politics”. Still, after a slow start it begins to shape up as an intriguing look at loyalty and betrayal.

Source: Radio Times