Olivia Colman Would Say Yes To Broadchurch Series Two

Olivia Colman is all in favour of a return to Broadchurch for DS Ellie Miller.

Talking in today's Sunday People she said:

“The writer Chris Chibnall phoned up all the cast recently to tell us about it. It does sound really, really exciting. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say whether everyone is back on board. Let’s put it this way I will definitely say yes if they ask me. I thought this series was so great maybe it was best to leave well alone but then Chris ­explained his idea and I knew it would be good.” 

One of the things that concerned Olivia during the filming of the first series of Broadchurch was spending long periods away from her family. Series 1 was filmed in Bridport, Dorset and Bristol. However, it looks as though Chris Chibnall and the producers have taken this into consideration. Olivia said: “It was quite ­intense to film and most of us have families so there’s talk of doing the indoor scenes in London which would make a huge amount of difference.”

Earlier this week, Olivia talked to Digital Spy about the second series and told them, "I know lots about it - but I can't tell you!"

Broadchurch starring Olivia Colman and David Tennant is released on DVD on 20th May. Pre-order your copy here

Source: The Mirror