The Guardian: This Week In TV Looks At Broadchurch And The Politician's Husband

Andrew Collins on The Guardian's Telly Addict video review feature has taken a look at both the final episode of Broadchurch and the first episode of The Politician's Husband.

Andrew Collins praises the emotional power of Olivia Colman's performance in Broadchurch and said of the conclusion, “It was the getting there that counted and the getting there was good”

Andrew was slightly less keen on The Politician's Husband which began on Thursday, finding parts of it obvious and clich├ęd. However, he still rated it high enough to want to return for more.

Watch the full video blog below - be aware that the Broadchurch clip used could be regarded as a spoiler if you haven't watched the final episode.

Broadchurch is released on DVD on Monday 20th May. Pre-order your copy here

The Politician's Husband continues on Thursday 2nd May at 9pm on BBC Two. The DVD will be released on Monday 13th May - pre-order it here