David Tennant Would Be Great As A Serial Killer Says Hannibal Showrunner

Bryan Fuller, showrunner of the NBC TV series Hannibal has revealed that David Tennant auditioned for the lead role of Hannibal Lecter but narrowly lost out to Danish star Mads Mikkelsen. The series, which airs on Sky Living in the UK, is based on the 1991 movie Silence Of The Lambs and examines the growing relationship between forensic scientist Lecter and FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

Fuller had nothing but praise for David. He said, "I love David Tennant. He would have made an amazing Hannibal, there's no doubt in my mind."

Fuller has also expressed a desire to see David appear in another role in the show, "David is such a fantastic actor that I would love him to come and do the show as a seriously deranged serial killer. That would be amazing."

At the moment there is no confirmation on whether such a role has been planned or whether David's very full schedule allows the guest appearance and so seems to be, at the moment, just wishful thinking

Source: The List


  1. That the did not take David Tennant is a huge mistake. I am not watching Hannibal here in the US because if time restraints... but if DT was there.. I would stop every other conflict and make this a priority. I am just waiting, and dodging spoilers, for Broadchurch in the fall. I encourage anyone dealing in the US market to snap him up ..... you all have no idea.

  2. This...would have been so much WIN it would have been scary. I think Mr. Tennant would have made a far more convincing Hannibal. Pity this couldn't happen with him in that role. Quite honestly, after watching the first few episodes I was left feeling exceptionally disappointed.


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