"David Tennant And Olivia Colman Are Two Of The Finest Actors Working In The World Today." Says Broadchurch Creator Chris Chibnall

Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall has spoken to the Daily Mail following the phenomenal finale of his drama last night:

Explaining the decision to reveal the killer early on he said: "'Broadchurch has a whodunnit aspect, but the point is that you should be able to watch this show more than once. Even when you know the ending you can go back and rewatch, as a drama. 
It's about community, it's about how we deal with tragedy and grief, it's about human strength and also about faith. There are no cheats: seeing it for a second time you'll be able to tell what were clues and what were red herrings or clues to other stories."

Yesterday ITV's press office claimed that they couldn't give sneak peaks to reviewers because even they did not have advance copies of the show.
'We've had hundreds of requests over the last three weeks,' said one harassed publicist, 'and all the papers renewed their requests on Monday morning. We've said No to everyone.'

Chris Chibnall, on constant call for interviews as the 9pm broadcast neared, described it as "a bonkers day".

He attributed the show's success to a combination of factors – top actors, emotional storylines and an intense sense of Englishness.
"Broadchurch is set in the Dorset landscape where I've lived for about ten years," he said last night. "I was brought up on Merseyside, but the town where I live now is particularly wonderful, with a interesting, varied community. In a way, Broadchurch is a love letter to the town and the county and the landscape."
He denied that characters were based on people from his own community, but fans have been eagerly spotting locations where key scenes were shot. For £8, tourists in West Bay, Dorset, can take a walking tour that visits the beach where Danny's body was found, and the newsagent's where the real-life owner, Richard Attrill, has cleverly pasted up a tribute to fictional counterpart Jack Marshall
For Chibnall, the success of a script he originally wrote 'on spec', without a commission from a production company, is more than he ever dared hope.
"I feel it surpasses my original vision," he said, "because I have the most brilliant team. The director, the director of photography and an amazing cast all took what I imagined and made it far better. Broadchurch is a real team effort and everybody just played out of their skin – they delivered such brilliant work.
David Tennant and Olivia Colman are two of the finest actors working in the world today. What's great is that they loved working with the rest of the ensemble. The cast had such strength in depth, it felt like we had a Champion's League team of actors."

Broadchurch will return to ITV for a second series.