Olivia Colman: Broadchurch Role Is Difficult For A Mum To Play

Olivia Colman has said that as a mother he found playing a detective hunting a child killer in Broadchurch very difficult to handle. Olivia who has two young children said,

“ I've always been the first in the cinema to burst into tears. Since having kids I find things much rawer.
“Making Broadchurch, I couldn't stop crying. It’s just awful, the idea that your children could go before you. I’d have a scene and they’d say, you’re not crying in this scene, and I’d think, yeah right, good luck with that.”

She very nearly passed on the drama as she doesn't like to spend too far away from her family, and filming the ITV murder mystery required her to spend weeks away in the West Country.

Part of the success of the drama, she reckons, is the difficult professional relationship between police detectives DI Alec Hardy, played by David Tennant and her own character DS Ellie Miller, who have very different ways of approaching the case. She told the Mirror,
“These big murders don’t happen in a community like this and it’s horrendous because it’s a child, the worst possible, and a child she knows. She brings a heart to the case, she’s learning in order to get the right outcome. She thinks: ‘I know them, they wouldn't do it’, while Alec is like, ‘You can’t do it like that – suspect everybody’.

“He’s slightly socially inept but brilliant at his job," she added "It’s not like they shout at each other – it’s polite in a British way – but there’s bit of face pulling behind his back. They’re not great chums – this isn't Cagney and Lacey.”

Fortunately, she stressed that in real life David Tennant was nothing like his rude and distant character.

“He’s the sweetest man in the world, a joy to work with,” she said

The final episode of Broadchurch can be seen on Monday 22nd April at 9pm