The Press React To The Broadchurch Finale

The UK press have been as taken with Broadchurch as the viewing public and they were as much in the dark about the epic finale to the series as the rest of us after ITV decided withhold preview discs in order to maintain the suspense. So what were their feelings on the finale:

The Daily Mail says: "David Tennant excelled, imparting the role of the tormented DI Hardy with real intelligence and obsession, not least because for the final episode at least the annoying sub-plot of his illness was confined to the one opening scene."

The Independent felt there were some loose ends: "Several questions remain unanswered, like what was that whole boat plotline about, and does any man in Broadchurch not take a size 10 shoe? With the programme set to return to our screens, time perhaps will tell. But, patience till then."

The Telegraph gives the episode 5 stars and says: "The plotting never erred, the pacing was superb, and it appealed to sophisticated notions such as the unknowability of the human heart, and forgiveness. It has been a triumph for ITV."

The Times also gives it 5 starts and says of the forthcoming series two: "My guess is that Hardy retires to Broadchurch, scene of his childhood holidays. And so do we. The next Broadchurch will remain in Broadchurch, and Chibnall will find another compelling non-whodunnit to snare us."

NB: All links to full reviews will reveal spoilers if you have not watched the episode.


  1. the independent really haven't seen the whole series have they?


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