Watch Episode Two Of Penguins - Spy In The Huddle Tonight

The second episode of Penguins - Spy In The Huddle airs tonight on BBC One at 9.00pm. David Tennant narrates the three-part wildlife documentary series from John Downer Productions which features exclusive close up footage of three species of penguins captured over eleven months using 50 spycams.

Episode 2, 'First Steps', follows penguin chicks from the moment that they hatch out and begin the struggle to survive in the face of extremely challenging conditions. 

Episode summary

Watched by spycams, chicks are hatching out all over. Male emperors form an identity parade before handing over their newborns to the returning females. The mothers shuffle into a huddle to protect their offspring from a blizzard. Outside, one tiny chick doesn’t make it and lies frozen by his mother. Chickcam films the young ones walking on their mothers’ feet and taking their own first unsteady steps. Females without young try to kidnap the new arrivals and giant petrels force the chicks to huddle for protection.

On the Falklands, rockhopper chicks meet some unruly neighbours – king cormorants. Predatory vultures are seen off by a penguin army. Caracara birds grab an eggcam and film the aerial shots of the colony! Parents take a rock shower and even ‘chimney climb’ to their own private spa. The chicks face more predators and bereaved parents plan a chicknap.

In Peru, Humboldt chicks emerge into the desert. The adults leave their burrow plastered in mud and needing a bath. They’re joined in the waves by Humboltcam and boisterous fur seals. Home alone, the chicks shoot gulls with projectile poo and the colony faces a huge cormorant invasion.

The chicks are learning to become adult penguins.

Watch a clip here:

More details on the John Downer Productions website

The series will be released on 8th April on DVD and Blu-ray