Catch Up With David Tennant's Comments On Richard II

During his promotional interviews for his new drama Broadchurch, David Tennant has been asked about his latest theatre project Richard II.
Here's a quick look at what David has to say on the play which sees him treading the boards once more...

Whilst talking to The Times, David revealed that rehearsals will begin in August.
Speaking of his lead role as Richard II he says  "He’s an incredible character who’s a total tw*t in some ways, but you end up feeling very sympathetic towards him."
David went on to describe theatre as his "proper job" but admits that the prospect of taking to the stage is always daunting “to the point where, every time I do a play, I say to myself, at the five minute call when there’s no going back: ‘Never do this again. This is stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! It would be better to work in a shop. This is horrible!' I think every actor that goes on stage is a lot closer to never being able to do it again than you might imagine.
The anxiety wears off as the run progresses says David "but you still have some nights when your brain is telling you you’re about to forget the next bit".
He relaxes before going on stage by playing music and, somewhat less appealingly, by farting. “It’s a breathing thing,” he explains. “If you do lots of breathing exercises, you’re pushing down with your diaphragm. It does feel like a release, I find, a good old fart before you do anything.”
Otherwise, he eschews the good-luck rituals beloved of many of his thespian comrades. “I’m rampantly anti-superstitious,” he says. “If I find myself developing them, I’ll run from them.”

Time Out London also briefly touched upon the subject reporting that David is excited by the play, though taken aback by comments made by director Gregory Doran (who also directed Hamlet) suggesting the role’s volatility and fragility might be "alien to David’s character". "I wouldn’t have thought that’s true at all but that’s obviously how he perceives me. Either that or he was trying to come up with a soundbite. In Hamlet I spent a lot of time terrified to my bones, but maybe I’m quite good at hiding it."

Richard II opens at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon on 10th October 2013 and will run untill 16th November 2013. 
It will then transfer to the Barbican Theatre in London from December 9th 2013 until 25th January 2014.


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