Broadchurch Advertising Campaign Begins With Trailer And Posters

Broadchurch's producer Richard Stokes has revealed on Twitter that ITV1 will be premiering it's first Broadchurch trailer (clips have previously been seen in an ITV drama trailer) on Sunday 10th February immediately after Mr Selfridge.
Posters to advertise the series will also be going up across the nation on Monday. 
And it seems that these are very special posters indeed. David Tennant revealed to the audience at the Four Doctors' talk at Project Motor Mouth last month that he and co-star Olivia Colman had gone for some publicity photos for the eight part crime drama only to be told that they were also to be filmed. He described how the pair of them were repeatedly filmed walking in straight lines along the sand while a vast number of people precisely timed the three second clip. The sequence was to be used in animated billboards, something that utterly amazed David.
"Harry Potter has finally arrived!" he exclaimed, referring to the moving photos and paintings that routinely occur in the world of wizards.