Jodie Whittaker Talks To TV Choice About Broadchurch

Jodie Whittaker, who plays bereaved mother Beth Latimer in Broadchurch has spoken to TV Choice magazine about her role in the drama.

Jodie Whittaker - Broadchurch

Interview by Jon Peake

When a child dies, the finger of suspicion points at the residents of a small coastal town in ITV's new drama Broadchurch. Jodie Whittaker plays Beth Latimer, the mother of murdered boy Danny in the series that also co-stars Andrew Buchan, Olivia Colman, David Tennant, Pauline Quirke, Arthur Darvill and Vicky McClure…

What is the relationship like between Beth and her husband Mark (Andrew Buchan)?

Not good. They’ve been together for 15 years, she got pregnant at 15, and as any childhood sweethearts might be, it’s a very normal stage to be at when you’ve been with someone for half your life. Of course the pressure following a child bereavement is immense, nothing compares to it. So any marriage would be severely tested.

No one really trusts each other in the town and anyone could be a suspect — even the parents?

In this case — and in fact in any child murder investigation — the family always comes under suspicion first. The police have to start in the home as there’s quite a high likelihood that the person who died knew their killer.

Did you do any research into the subject matter?

There’s no problem tracking similar cases down as the internet is full of them. You read about these things and never expect them to happen to you. Beth and Mark wonder why it’s happened to them. When you’re reading this stuff you realise that none of these families ever expected such a thing, that they would be part of this kind of story, people would know their names and they’d end up on the front of national newspapers. Now, you’d never say I’m going to Soham without people immediately knowing where Soham is and what happened there. Be grateful you’ve never had to think about this kind of thing in your own life. As an actor you’ve really got to commit to this role — you can’t just phone it in — as it’s happened to real people and you have to do it justice.

Broadchurch begins on ITV on Monday 4th March at 9pm. Find out more here

Source: TV Choice


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