New Video Clips From Penguins - Spy In The Huddle Narrated By David Tennant

Check out a couple of brand new clips from the BBC from the final episode of Penguins - Spy In The Huddle narrated by David Tennant. Episode three follows young penguins as they grow into adults and the two clips show them learning how to move around in their environments. (The clips may not be viewable outside the UK).

About the episode

The chicks are growing up fast and becoming increasingly independent. Emperor and rockhopper chicks are placed in a creche as their parents go fishing. The Humboldts are left in their burrows, as the adults enjoy a soft landing of feathers by a beach swarming with cormorants.
Packed in a huddle, the emperor chicks have to be identity checked before they are fed, and their parents are swamped by hungry impostors. Giant petrels are an ever-present danger, while vampire bats target the Humboldts. As the young grow bigger and preen out baby fluff they sport punk hairdos. The emperor chicks go skating on a newly-formed ice rink, while the rockhopper chicks practice jumping skills.
Eventually all the chicks leave for the sea, tackling the same hazards as their parents before them, from sea lions to predatory birds, high cliffs to glaciers. All face huge challenges. There are plenty of surprises along the way, but soon the chicks discover their true home - the sea.
From egg to adolescent, spycams have been with the young penguins through their tough early months. They are with them as they leave. It will be years before they follow in their parents' footsteps and return to breed.

In the first clip, Emperor penguin chicks discover how to ice skate

In the second, young Rockhoppers practice hopping about the rocks:

Watch episode 3 of Penguins - Spy In The Huddle - Growing Up on Monday 25th February on BBC One

Penguihs - Spy In The Huddle is a three part series following three different species of penguin over the course of nearly a year. With footage captured using inovative secret camera techniques, the programmes give a close up and exclusive insight into the lifestyles of  these birds.  Read more about the series on the John Downer Productions website.


  1. I am very interested in watching the videos that are posted but since i live in the United States i cannot view the video. I hope that you can make the videos available to my region because there are plenty more fans just like me in the US and maybe even around the world.


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