Issue 5 Of America's Got Powers Out Today: Order Now

The latest issue of comic book series America's Got Powers by Bryan Hitch and Jonathan Ross is out today.

It's already well known that Ross and Hitch approached David Tennant and asked him if they could use his image for one of the characters. The result was Professor Syall, the Simon Cowell-like figure behind the barbaric tournaments between teams of super-powered teens, born after a mysterious extra-terrestrial event. Cult site Bleeding Cool have noticed that another of the characters is a US Senator who bears more than a passing resemblance to the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Whether that is deliberate or not remains with the artist, but it leads to some interesting scenes as two familiar faces lock horns.

America's Got Powers #5
After the Event that created a whole generation of super-powered kids, Tommy Watts has finally discovered what his gift was: The ability to give super powers to others. Now, as the government's enhanced soldiers battle the outcast super-teens, Tommy can't decide which side to fight for!

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Source: Bleeding Cool