David Tennant Speaks About William Hartnell

David Tennant was a recent contributor to the BBC America special The Doctor's Revisted: The First Doctor.
Speaking about the actor William Hartnell who took on the title role he said:
"We talk about William Hartnell being the first Doctor, but there was no sense when he got the job that he was anything other than the only Doctor, that there would be any others.  There was no suggestion that the Doctor, at that point, would or could or should be anything else. No sense that the show would run for 50 years. But there was something peculiar and unique about this show and about this man in a magic box. Without him doing what he did we wouldn't be sitting here now in the 21st century talking about a futuristic man from 50 years ago."

The Doctor's Revisited continues on BBC America on 24th February at 8/7c.