VIDEO: Watch A Preview Clip From Episode 2 Of The Escape Artist Starring David Tennant

The BBC One have released a chilling preview clip from the second episode of the new three part thriller The Escape Artist. The drama, which stars David Tennant as Will Burton, a high-flying junior barrister whose life is torn apart after he takes on the defence of a sadistic murderer, launched on Tuesday to universal acclaim.

In the new clip, Will's son Jamie stumbles unwittingly into danger:

The Escape Artist

Episode 2 summary
Liam Foyle is back in the dock and Will Burton’s courtroom nemesis, Maggie Gardner, is leading his defence. After years in Will’s shadow, Maggie is out to prove a point and will stop at nothing to win.
With no meaningful physical evidence, Will’s chambers need all the help they can get to guarantee Foyle’s prosecution. But their most brilliant legal brain is unable to help, as Will is the key witness in the trial.
Will must find a way to bolster the prosecution’s case without jeopardising the veracity of the trial, as Foyle continues to terrorise those close to Will.

Watch the second episode of The Escape Artist on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday 5th November

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