The Times Make The Escape Artist Starring David Tennant A TV Pick Of The Day

The Escape Artist is a Sunday Times Pick of the Day for Tuesday. The three-part series starring David Tennant, Ashley Jensen, Sophie Okonedo and Toby Kebbell begins next week on BBC One. Read what the Time have to say below:

The Escape Artist
BBC One,Tuesday 29th October, 9pm
David Tennant is well cast as the cocky, smart and highly successful junior barrister Will Burton, so adept at securing acquittals that he is known as the Escape Artist. Married to Kate (Ashley Jensen), with a bright son, an elegant penthouse flat and a career on an almost vertical trajectory, Will contemplates a cloud-free horizon at the start of David Wolstencroft's accomplished three-part drama. His skies, of course, are set to darken, as his ambitious chambers colleague Maggie (Sophie Okonedo) appears jealous of his star status; and a sinister new defendent (Toby Kebbell) seems remarkably ungrateful for Will's legal legerdemain in securing an unlikely dismissal at his trial for murder. 
Wolstencroft has fashioned a sturdy thriller reflecting on legal procedures that often seem,he says, like an intellectual exercise. "But scratch under the surface, and it's all blood and guts."