UPDATED: Broadchurch 2: A New Location For The Sequel?


Chris Chibnall has now confirmed that the information in the original article is mainly inaccurate. No casting or location information has been confirmed so far and the Mail have jumped to certain erroneous conclusions.

The Daily Mail have suggested that the sequel to ITV's award winning drama series Broadchurch may be set in a different town.

Producer Richard Stokes, speaking at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards on Thursday, where the drama picked up four awards, said:
"We’re now looking at some possible locations. It won’t be filmed in the same place but it will still be called Broadchurch. It’s a brand and it’s gained huge popularity so you can’t risk losing that by changing the name."

Cris Chibnall is currently writing the new series which will begin shooting in May.

The Mail also suggest that the return of certain key members of cast is certain - including David Tennant and Olivia Colman; however, to date the producers have confirmed no casting.

David Tennant will be filming an American adaptation of the series for FOX from January 2014 which will be partly written and executive produced by Chris Chibnall.

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Source: Daily Mail