Coming Soon: Broadchurch The Novel By Erin Kelly And Chris Chibnall

The Little Brown Book Group have obtained the rights to publish a novel inspired by the award winning ITV series Broadchurch.

The Crime Vault report today that that novel will be fullly endorsed by production company Kudos and will be co-written by series creator Chris Chibnall and thriller writer Erin Kelly. The story will include material unseen in the televised series and will explore the lives and back stories of the characters in much greater depth. The novel is scheduled for release in August 2014. It will also be released in the USA by Minotaur Books. 

What the writers had to say:

Chris Chibnall: “The day after Broadchurch finished, a woman stopped me on West Bay beach and asked me “When’s the book coming out?”. Now I have an answer! Even better, we have one of Britain’s best psychological thriller authors at the helm. I’ve loved Erin’s work for a long time now: her writing is beautiful, emotive and suffused with tension. From the moment I first read her gorgeous insights into a world and characters I thought I knew well, I was hooked and desperate to read more.”

Erin Kelly: “Like everyone else I know, I was gripped and moved by Broadchurch. I’m utterly thrilled to be writing the novel, not least because it gave me an excuse to watch the whole series again, multiple times. It’s testament to the writing, the performances and the photography that I was spellbound even when I knew the outcome. I can’t wait to delve even deeper into the hearts and thoughts of the characters and to bring the town to life on the page.”

The hit series starred David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill and followed the impact on a small English seaside town of the shocking murder of a schoolboy. Chris Chibnall is currently working on a second series of the drama which is expected to go into production in spring 2014.

An American version of the drama, part written and executive produced by Chris Chibnall, will also be produced by FOX next year. It has been confirmed that David Tennant will reprise the role of the lead investigator. Shooting starts in January 2014.