SciFi Now Visit The Set Of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor

The new issue of SciFi Now magazine, out now, contains a celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who. There's a look at all eleven incarnations of the Time Lord, a preview of the Mark Gatiss-scripted drama An Adventure In Space And Time, and their exclusive account of a visit to the set of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor.

Set Visit: Doctor Who

On set in Cardiff, Joanna Page is terrified that she will mislay pages of the highly secret script
"It's so scary, because your name is written across every single page of the script. 'My God, don't put them in the bin! Make sure I shred them!' I'm terrified that something's going to be found on the pavement and it's going to have 'Joanna Page' over it and then they're going to hang me," she says

Matt Smith says of the reappearance of the Tenth Doctor, "I think having the meeting of Doctors sort of sprinkles a bit of fairy dust on it, you know? Even for the crew and everyone, just seeing the costumes next to each other, seeing the Converse and the bow's kind of cool."

David Tennant talked about returning. "You don't know quite how you're going to feel about it," he said. "And you never know entirely if it's wise to go back to anything. But with Doctor Who there has always been the precedent, so I guess it was always there as a possibility. It's not like I'm doing a season, it's very much a lovely thing to revisit for a handful of filming days, and something that I still feel very fondly about. I had a very wonderful, happy time here, so it's no great trial to have another wee go."

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