It's A Wrap For Nativity 2

Filming on Nativity 2 drew to a close last night with final scenes taking place in Stratford-upon-Avon. David Tennant and Joanna Page shot scenes in the town centre, outside a shoe shop that had been redressed as a children's clothes shop. They were also seen pushing a double buggy, implying that their characters, The Petersons, may be the parents of twins. 

Local man Nick Payne watched the filming for a while and posted some pictures to Twitter. You can see them below;
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Nativity 2 will be in cinemas for Christmas 2012


  1. Very cool. :) Can't wait to see this when it comes out. David Tennant is a very talented actor who does well in whatever role he acts/plays. I've noticed that he is able to acclimate to whatever is asked of him to do to play the roles of the characters he plays. So, I know that this show will be amasing, as well, because he will be playing in it. Loved how he played the character, Hamlet in the play, "Hamlet: Prince of Denmark."

  2. Loved the first film so I'm really looking forward to Nativity 2 - especially because David's in it and Marc Wootton's character of Mr Poppy returns.


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