Much Ado About Nothing DVD Removed From Sale

In a shock turnaround, the newly announced Much Ado About Nothing DVD has been pulled from the Amazon release schedule. Customers who placed a pre-order on the item received this email today:

We're writing about your order which contained the following:
 Much Ado About Nothing [DVD]

Unfortunately, we can't offer this title for sale as the manufacturer has decided not to release it in the UK at this time. As it's no longer being released by the manufacturer we've cancelled it from your order and you haven't been charged for it.

If you are still interested in receiving this item, we'd like to suggest that you sign up to this title to receive notification when it's confirmed as available to pre-order.

To use this service, simply enter your e-mail address in the "Alert Me" box on the right side of the product information page and click "Sign up".
Please note that signing up for notification doesn't reserve a copy of this item for you. When you receive our e-mail informing you that the item is available, you'll need to return to our website to place your order.

We're sorry about any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,
Customer Service Department

At present there is no further information available about this disappointing development, but we will try to let you know as soon as we hear anything. However, the wording of the email does imply that a release will still happen in the future.

If you pre-ordered the DVD and do not receive an email from them, we suggest you contact their Customer Services department.


  1. Can't we do a petition or complain to someone about it? I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy going on - what with the Decoy Bride cinema release business

  2. Oh come on! what a let down, I was looking forward in getting that for Christmas! Disapointing is not the right word! What does David say?? and Catherine Tate?? Lets get a petition going! xxx

  3. I've signed at least 5 different petitions to get "Much Ado..." on DVD. Not fair in the slightest! I want to enjoy the David-y goodness! :'(

  4. The distributors of the DVD may have some more information but I cant find who that is


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