Guest Blogger: My David Tennant Sculpture

We're introducing a bit of a new feature to the blog section of the site with guest bloggers getting the chance to write an article.

Our first guest blogger is the artist George Mark:
Hi there folks I am a sculptor living and working in the West of Scotland I specialise in portrait sculpture and am commissioned to to do different pieces of work from all over, recent work has included a commission to sculpt the late John Smith and last week along with the Arch Bishop Mario Conti handed over a bust of Pope Benedict to a local business man who won it at auction for £3500 most enjoyable work is when I am free to sculpt my own favourite people, I have recently sculpted Micheal Buble, Bob Marley, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, and of course David Tennant as Doctor Who! I am a big Doctor Who fan and can remember back to all the Doctors and cowering behind a cushion as a kid when the Daleks or Cybermen were trying to overcome the Doctor. Wasnt it sad when the Doctor disappeared off our screens a while back , but isnt it wonderful that the amazing David Tennant and the creativity of Russell T Davies has breathed new and exciting life back into the show, so much so I was moved to create this sculpture in clay and glaze which is 16 inches high and 12 inches wide with the Doctor staring into space and the sinister hand of the Cyberman reaching over his shoulder!! I get the feeling though the Doctor will prevail! This sculpture will probably go to one of the galleries representing my work and can be seen on the Fine Art America site

Hope you like it guys!