Strangers And Brothers

Back in 2003 David took part in a couple of episodes of the radio dramatisation of C.P Snow's Strangers And Brothers series.

The episodes were The Affair and The Corridors Of Power and David played the part of Donald Howard.

Thanks to Lora Colver we now have MP3 files of both of David's episodes available for you to download:

Strangers And Brothers: The Affair
In the eighth in the Strangers and Brothers series Donald Howard, a young science Fellow is charged with scientific fraud and dismissed from his college.This novel, which became a successful West End play, describes a miscarriage of justice in the same Cambridge college which served as a setting for The Masters.
David Tennant plays Donald Howard.

Strangers And Brothers: The Corridors Of Power
The corridors and committee rooms of Whitehall are the setting for the ninth in the Strangers and Brothers series.They are also home to the manipulation of political power.Roger Quaife wages his ban-the-bomb campaign from his seat in the Cabinet and his office at the Ministry.The stakes are high as he employs his persuasiveness.
David Tennant plays Donald Howard.