Karate Kids

David will be narrating a new documentary for BBC Two.
Karate Kids is part of the My Life season and follows a group of disabled children who learn adapted martial arts skills in a bid to improve their movement and confidence. The episode will air on 13th March at 11:30am on BBC Two.

The BBC press office says:

My Life, CBBC's single-subject observational documentary strand, continues with Karate Kids, which follows three disabled friends, Suleyman, Francis and Tim. The friends work with martial arts master Glenn, who is using Sanjuro, his own unique blend of martial arts dance combat, to help improve their movement.
The three friends all attend a school for children with physical disabilities and associated special educational needs in London. The work Glenn does aims to give them self-respect, self-discipline and focus, as well as improved confidence and fitness.
Buoyed by the martial arts classes, Tim seems to benefit more than most. He has never been able to move or communicate unaided, and relies on his mum and best friend Francis to get his thoughts to the outside world.
Karate Kids follows him through a very busy school term which sees him being nominated for a national award from disability charity Cerebra, run for Class President, and experiment with new laser-eye computer technology which may offer him a voice of his own and a glimmer of independence for the first time.
The remaining films in the My Life strand are My Dad In Prison, which examines what it is like to be a child with a father in prison and follows the work of an innovative new prison homework club; and Children Of The Road, which follows a group of Irish traveller children at one of the biggest traveller sites in the country.