Why I'll Miss Playing Doctor Who At Christmas

"Christmas television was a big deal when I was young. It was the only time of the year that my mum would buy the Radio Times and the TV Times, and I used to love poring over them – I think that’s quite a common British experience.

“So I’m thrilled to have been part of that for the last few years. We’ll have done five Christmas Specials and Doctor Who seems such an obvious fit for Christmas television, doesn’t it?
“This year we’ve done something different again – partly because we’re telling the stories of the end of the Doctor’s time. It is still set at Christmas but it’s perhaps not got quite as much Christmas cheer as before.
“It was a bit sad for me too, filming it. Of course, the way filming is, the last things I actually filmed were weird green-screeny things with me hanging on a bit of wire.
“We’d done all the big emotional stuff way, way before. I think if we’d done my very last scene on my very last day I might have been in a bit of a state.”
Credit: The Telegraph

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