Doctor Who Fan Christmas Wish List - check out all the must haves for Whovians this year

We've created the ultimate Christmas 2023 wishlist for all David Tennant fans. With David back in new seasons of Doctor Who and Good Omens as well as reprising his role as Huyang for the new Star Wars spin off Ahsoka there's plenty of goodies for fans to choose from. 

Today's list focuses on Doctor Who. Please note some of these items will be on a limited time offer so prices may vary. Be quick to get the best deals!

Check out some of our favourites below:


The Doctor has regenerated, and he has a new Sonic screwdriver! Accompanying David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor in the 60th Anniversary specials, this sonic has a new but familiar form, just like the Doctor!

Character Options is proud to present the new Sonic screwdriver in toy form! It features light and sound FX as well as an opening and extending action – all operated from a single button on the handle.

The sonic comes beautifully presented in special anniversary packaging and is the perfect addition to any fans collection. Age: 5+


This pre printed Autograph Display is ready to frame.

Life sized cardboard cutouts of the 14th Doctor as played by David Tennant. In three fun poses. 
Great for Doctor Who themed parties. 

Go old school with a gift set of three Tenth Doctor figurines .

You've never seen a Doctor Who Annual quite like this . . .

In November 2023, Doctor Who returns to our screens with an almighty TARDIS-crashing bang. David Tennant is back as the Doctor, Catherine Tate is back as the incredible Donna Noble.

And the Doctor Who 2024 Annual is THE place to start an incredible journey. With everything you wanted to know about the Doctor - plus costumes, games, behind-the-scenes info - it even includes a never-seen-before Fourteenth Doctor story, and a sneak peek at the long-awaited Fifteenth Doctor . . .

So get your sonic screwdrivers at the ready, and plunge into a Whole New Who World.


This stunning Doctor Who art has been pre printed with the signatures of all the Doctors up to the 14th.

Filled with images of the 14th Doctor and characters from the 60th anniversary special, this stunning calendar also comes with a free pull out poster. 

Available in print and audiobook

Join the Doctor (and Donna and Martha and Rose, and other friends old and new) for incredible tales of daring and danger. From Daleks plotting to save humanity to Sycorax working to exploit it . . . from star-narwhals massing on the Moon to a toy factory in space.

Picking up from where the previous Doctor Who TV series left off, Liberation of the Daleks is the 14th Doctor's first official adventure. A new regeneration, but a familiar face, this exclusive comic strip collection, sees the return of the Doctor's deadliest enemies - the Daleks! Taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, this 13-part tale bridges the gap between recent episodes, tying directly into the new TV series continuity.

The makers of Doctor Who Magazine present their biggest-ever publication – a deluxe bookazine celebrating the 60th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science-fiction programme. This 224-page limited edition explores Doctor Who’s impact on its fans, the viewing public and popular culture across 60 chapters of all-new material. Edited by Marcus Hearn and designed by Peri Godbold, who previously collaborated on the bestselling 50th anniversary book Doctor Who: The Vault, this is the essential souvenir of a television milestone.


Six decades may only be a handful of heartbeats to a Time Lord, but for Doctor Who it's the adventure of several lifetimes. Evolving over 60 years, the world's longest-running sci-fi TV show has gifted us a universe of menacing monsters and unforgettable heroes. You might even call it a 'Whotopia'.

Now you can roam free through the Doctor's dimension as never before in this special commemorative book for 
Doctor Who's diamond anniversary. Join all the Doctors as each tells their own story. Learn about their legions of legendary allies - and hear from the monsters' own mouths about what makes them tick. Find danger on alien worlds and threats here on Earth in all eras. And explore the gadgets, robots, spaceships, computers and mind-blowing creations that crowd the never-ending corridors of Whotopia.

This Doctor Who plush features a commemorative heart and paw pad for Doctor Who's Diamond Anniversary. This time-traveling teddy is ready for adventure with its Fourteenth Doctor costume, plush Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS gift box all included in this must-have set. It's a brilliant way for fans and collectors to celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who!
Currently out of stock online - check your local store. 

Allons-y! Join the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors and their companions as they travel through time and space.

This Magic: The Gathering deck celebrates fantastic moments, characters, and places from the beloved BBC series, Doctor Who. Ready-to-play right out of the box, you’ll be able to jump straight into a multiplayer game that showcases your creativity and strategic thinking.
Other Doctor Who sets are also available. 

Doctor Who 2024 calendar featuring all the Doctors from 1- 14.

100s of designs to choose from!

100s of designs to choose from.

100s of designs to choose from. 

100s of designs to choose from

100s of designs to choose from

100s of designs to choose from.

100s of designs to choose from.