VIDEO: A Look At The Doctor Who Cryptic Teaser Trailer With David Tennant And Catherine Tate

On Saturday night a new cryptic teaser trailer for Doctor Who's 60th anniversary specials aired on BBC One featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate. 

Check it out below:

The garbled message was broadcast as a 'network error' but Doctor Who fans were quick to spot that if the video was played in reverse there was a message in there.

Check it out below:

For anyone who still can't quite pick it up, David Tennant’s 14th Doctor says, “Cryptic, I hate that!” and Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate, asks “Why did this face come back?”

Quick glimpses then show the Doctor, Donna, and a UNIT soldier with his eyes glowing.

There is also a scene from the Series 4 finale episode 'Journey’s End' which shows the Doctor’s severed hand. A major Meta-Crisis Doctor / DoctorDonna plot point.

Lots of fans also noticed a binary code, which was also tweeted by the BBC Doctor Who account but then was quickly deleted.  Twitter user @NotAgnor was quick to crack the code tweeting: “Stitching the binary codes together outputs: 7!@THE#!!” ^@^@ STAR &% #(BEAST(*2 (or “THE STAR BEAST”).”

Furthermore, some viewers spotted that a sequence of code shown during the teaser reads "EV1305" which could well be a hint that we will be getting a brand new trailer during Eurovision (EV) on 13th May (1305)...